Hunan IPTV Mobile Edition

This is a TV live broadcast, on-demand movie, and various video clip applications launched by the Hunan Mobile Internet Department of China Telecom Corporation Limited.
This is an extension tool of the triple-play IPTV TV screen. The mobile phone can remotely control the TV, switch channels, and watch local channels in Hunan at any time.
But the most 666 point is: We have advertising! Wood has advertising! ! Wood has advertising! ! !
Films, TV shows, children's animation, news, variety shows, documentaries, discoveries, and square dances are all on demand.
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[Exciting content]
"Demon Cat Biography": Directed by Chen Kaige, Wang Lanling screenwriter, Huang Xuan, Yin Gutai, Zhang Yuxi, Qin Hao, Abe Kuan, Zhang Yurong, Liu Ranran, Ou Hao, Zhang Tianai and other starring. The film was adapted from the magic series of the Japanese novel "The Gorgeous Feast of the Sea in the Sea of ​​Salmonella," and tells the story of a swearing-out demon-cat stirring up Chang'an City. The poet, Bai Le-tian, explores the empty sea with a monk and makes a deliberately buried truth float. The story of the surface.
"Qi Men's Armor": Produced by Xu Ke, directed by Yuan Heping, Dapeng, Ni Ni, Li Zhiting, Zhou Dongyu, Wu Xi, Liu Yan starred in the fantasy martial arts movie. The film tells the story of an adventurous journey of chaos and chaos in the era of chaos and chaos. For the safety of the world, the mystery organization “Fog Hidden Gate” on the rivers and lakes, and the adventure course of a young girl named Xiao Long, who has a long knife and a knife, is unknown.
"Deliberate Grocery Store": Adapted from Higashino Keigo's original novel of the same name, "Unwinding a Grocery Store," tells a grocery store next to a secluded street. Just write down the trouble and invest in the entrance to the front door of the shop. The next day will be in the store. After the milk box was answered. One night, three young people who were lost in the way of Ajie, Xiaobo and Yiwan did not intend to break into the tunnel. They did not expect to open the time tunnel. They began to receive the first letter of inquiry from the past, and they continued to reply and receive letters. During the process, the past linked the future, hesitated whether Qin Long, who insisted on the dream of music, whether he and his family had gone abroad for their debts, and whether Qing Mei, who should give up on her dancing work, made suggestions from their reply and found the soul. The direction, inadvertently connected all people's lives. At the same time, the three young people also received answers to their own confusion.
[The strongest hits]
Hot Variety: Top Gear, Journey to the Mood, Awakening China, The New Works for the Carpenter, The Law of Challenges, The Book of Poetry and China, The National Supermodel Competition…
The cinema lineup: "Zhu Zhu Chuan", "San Sheng San Shi Li Peach Blossoms", "New Mummy", "Emerald Spring Knife", "Wuk Chuan", "Spider-Man", "Super Body"…
HD Sports: High-definition on-demand broadcasts of NBA games, Premier League highlights of the entire network, NFL arena all in sight…
Hollywood masterpieces: "Captain America 3", "X-Men's Apocalypse," "World of Warcraft," "Emigration" 5…
Wonderful home-made: "Hunan IPTV dance than happy square dance", "mango music search food"

By CHINA TELECOM Corporation Ltd.

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