Kodi trademark wars has started in amazon, after last year when KODI started the trademark wars with YouTubers, they are now teaming up with large corporate companies in order to deal a blow to ANDROID BOX Sellers, these new tactics by KODI is now in the USA Amazon whereby they are attacking companies that sell KODI BOX’s or any Android KODI BOX with the word fully loaded.

KODI is disputing their KODI trademark to be recognised in Amazon as the one to be only to effective and they should be allowed to chose who can sell equipment with their Trademark,

However the trademark rules does state that KODI needs to sell something before they can be able to demand removal or items with their trademark, In fact it is Trademark Rules that you would keep the trademark if you are selling something and since KODI is not selling anything or not ever have their own box;s, Android BOX sellers will just object to the ruling that KODI trademark and KODI could end up losing their Trademark if they are not careful.

I myself see no good can come out from this and rather see no point to this war from KODI If you take Chinese companies will try to sell and they will not be affected by Ruling of trademark in the USA then there will always be KODI Android BOX”s.
And even American or USA companies will be able to just object to this since Trademark ruling will ask them where your product that KODI is selling and as far as we know there is not KODI product sold by the XBMC Foundation.

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