KODI 16 or KODI 17 Live talks

KODI 16 or KODI 17 Live talks

KODI 16 or KODI 17

Let's answer some of your questions live.

If you are looking for a VPN for Kodi, I have been using IPVanish VPN (bit.ly/bestkodivpn) for over a year.
I use it to protect my online identity and to watch all my favourite blocked channels.

Best KODI VPN Router – bit.ly/bestkodivpnrouter

KODI Supported Devices
1 – RUPA A9 – bit.ly/bestandroidtv2017kodibox
2 – T95Zbit.ly/t95Zkodi17ready
3 – Xiaomi Mi – bit.ly/mibox4k
4 – Amazon Fire – goo.gl/UN26dz
5 – Leelbox Q2 – goo.gl/6hwhAk
6 – Aodin 4K – goo.gl/hljF7h

Best Mobile Phone – youtu.be/f5DpLhZWZW4
Mechanical Keyboard – youtu.be/-AqTwn6Y0U0
Gaming Mouse – youtu.be/mA65G9Bz9hY

Webcam I normally Use
C922 – amzn.to/2diOZra
C920 – amzn.to/2ftUqqI

GreenScreen Links
UK – amzn.to/2gCg07w
USA – amzn.to/2hxbs3Z
Canada – amzn.to/2hPg3y8

How to install KODI 17 with 25 icons – youtu.be/5zzvtiIPDFk
HOW TO Install Sports Devil – goo.gl/8irirJ
How to install Phoenix – goo.gl/TR2UFs
How to install UKturks -https://www.husham.com/ukturks
How to install Pro Sports – goo.gl/LsB5qw
How to install CCloud – goo.gl/rDTBy9
How to install Stream Army – youtu.be/6t5yrCG8yS4

KODI 17 Guides – goo.gl/jkwHZ0
KODI 16 Guides – goo.gl/eQX6oO
KODI Build Guides – goo.gl/K7JKtQ

Get Your Husham T-Shirt – goo.gl/Dv6loD
Subscribe & activate notification – goo.gl/Nvzafe

Website – www.husham.com

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