Kodi v17.1 “Krypton” Release Candidate 1

Kodi v17.1 “Krypton” Release Candidate 1



The KODI 17 has been updated to KODI 17.1 RC1, This marks the first of many upgrades to KODI 17.1. This is actually the 2nd confirmation that KODI will not be SHUTDOWN unlike some YouTubers that want to stop you from using KODI, and makes KODI here to stay.

The First Indication when KODI 18 was released 

Fixes done in this release candidate:

• Update Estuary and Estouchy with some bugfixes and improvements
• Fix EDL skipping
• Fix slow song smart playlist
• Several PVR fixes
• Update Chorus web interface
• Fix add-ons not being marked broken when they are updated with broken flag
• Add limiter on random songs which should prevent large memory usage on big libraries
• Improve keyboard mapping during button mapping
• Improve analog stick handling
• Improve plugin performance when building the content list
• Include RTMP input stream add-on for Windows




Windows – Link 1, Link 2

Android – Link 1 Link 2

Android ARM – Link 1, Link 2

OSX – Linke 1 – Link 2




  1. Husham, can you please do a video on how to update to Kodi 17.1 for android?Well, I should watch the entire video here? If that’s explained in the video, please disregard this message. But if not, please do a vid for us dummies.

    Cal Talbot

  2. Me again Husham;

    ?…?…There are “2” Android downloads?, which one do I install? There is just the Android link, and then there’s the Android ARM??? And each has
    ‘link 1’ and ‘link 2’, so which one of those do I install???

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