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Dear Ivacy family,


We would like to shed light over the European Union (EU) voting on a collection of laws that will affect how content is shared online.


For those of you who are unaware, these laws are referred to as the ‘Copyright Directive’, and it will have an impact on how the internet is used, not just in the EU, but around the world!


Articles 11 and 13 of the Copyright Directive, in particular, have left us concerned about how your online freedom will be at stake.


If the said articles pass through the final voting, it would give publishers the right to charge money for linking to their content and would make content platforms responsible for copyright violations that occur on their platforms.


As an advocate of freedom of speech, Ivacy believes that every netizen should have the right to use the internet with complete freedom and without any restrictions.


We hope, that although majority laws of the Directive are for the betterment of the cyberspace, the ones which hinder the expression of freedom shall be voted out and the internet we love, remain as it is.


Supporting and cheering for a free internet today and forever,


Team Ivacy.



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