Mucky Duck is threatening to attack – KODI BOMB GOES OFF

Mucky Duck is threatening to attack


Muck Duck has been a beacon to many new users on the KODI platform as he uses his add-ons to provide single click movies and single click tv shows 3rd party kodi add-ons.

Some of these are the addons showing as 123movies or yes movies and much more.

Recently Mucky duck has been off the scene and many of you had been asking me what has happened and I thought I better not answer and just stay out of it. Thinking that it might just blow off and the wonderful duck returns to us with exciting new addons. This morning Muck duck has threatened to attack in public to the people that have been getting him annoyed.

if shit like this continues i will never release an update again

Mucky was referring to


Image result for Who is to blame

Image result for Far too Sensitive


Image result for Code Protection


Image result for house of glass dont throw stones



Image result for what do you think?

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