At the time this article was written, Hackers still have taken over Insight IPTV, If you are an INSIGHT IPTV Users please Read URGENTLY

Husham.com has now updated the links of INSIGHT IPTV to point to a solution link instead of the hacked/stolen servers

Insight IPTV is a company I made a review on them a while back and also done a video and article on them.

Users from Insight recently received a FAKE EMAIL from HACKERS telling them everything is OK ( Fake Message below )

Click  this link to see the full email message Insight IPTV Fake Email Message

The owner of Insight IPTV recently contact HUSHAM.COM and said

Insightiptv.com and Insight-Vision.net are stolen and moved away by hackers.

The method that they reached out to me was far from suspension as the company used a specific line that we communicate that is not used normally. Also, Insight IPTV provided me with proof of who I am talking to and showed me things that no one would know about.

I even got to talk to them in a voice call to confirm all this and warned me that if I would release this information I would be the next target by the same hackers next.

Presently they are fighting to bring back their Domain name with the Internet Hosting companies and trying to fight their case, This discussion has been going for over 2 weeks now and the reason this news was not released so soon because we were hoping to resolve this before it gets too big.

It was finally decided that the news must go out to inform the public and users of Insight IPTV, Users must be informed that their privacy at risk, plus including credit card or bank details plus their personal information is now shared to hackers.

What should users do

Insight IPTV stole by hackers, What should users do?
Insight IPTV stole by hackers, What should users do?

ALL Current Insight Old customers of insight who was scammed by the hackers because they purchased before the 15th of May and later at insightiptv.com and Insight-vision.net should move to lionsiptv.com Why? Because lions are managing all old Insight customers and imported the whole Database! to help out with this crisis.

Users will need to send a screen of their payment as proof in a support ticket with subject insight and they will get there subscription they have paid for the hackers for free!

The customers can log in at Lions with there same login details they have used at Insight. Why? Because Lion has imported the whole database of insight into lions!

All customers who have purchased before the 15th of may are good, their lines are working. They only have to be sure if they would like to extend there subscription they have to buy at lions and NOT Insight.

The final message I got from the EX-Owners of Insight is

All is fake what customers receive from email domains like [email protected] and [email protected]

And all other messages are scam who are telling customers that insight is all good and exist!

Insight is gone because it was hacked and domains stolen and transferred away by hackers

Please be aware of this and share this out to everyone that you know. Insight IPTV has been hacked.

Husham.com has now updated the links of INSIGHT IPTV to point to a solution link instead of the hacked server


  1. Little confused none of the links work for Lion or your redirected link, and why is this the only article reporting this….

    • it actually should make sense. since I was the one that introduced the company first
      and made video and told everyone about them when no one did anything

  2. Lads i purchased a 6 month sub which is up in September..and i have no issue at the moment ..i did however get a mail with new portal for mag and a new M3u list..so confused..dont know who to trust..i think when the sub is up i will find a new service..hope my data is safe though for now.

  3. Hello Husham!
    INSIGHT is hacked and the management of the INSIGHT (Reseller of LION IPTV) asked LION IPTV to take over their customers and manage them
    so LION IPTV took control of all customers and also giving some Discounts too
    So sad that INSIGHT is hacked but customers no need to worry about their subscription as they are managed by LION IPTV from now

  4. I got the email and used the new INSIGHT M3U and it works but with only Euro list, however i did as u said i logged into loin and you cannot download or use the m3u so, which is the fake i wonder?

  5. I got email from insight team with new m3u but old one still works fine. Tried new one works fine too but not so many channels. Confused

  6. Ya I’m confused too I got a email from insight with my login credentials all works it’s just missing movie categories and sports. But the old credentials work too so I don’t know who to trust here. Why would hackers email new working credentials too all there customers.

  7. Hello mate I was wondering if you could email me please i got a service I wanna run past you many thanks

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