New 1Channel or Primewire KODI Fix 2.5.72

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New 1Channel or Primewire KODI Fix 2.5.72


The Primewire addon version 2.5.72 was just released by TKNorris to fix the “CAT & Mouse” as he put it in the addon change log.

The 2.5.71 was released last night to resolve some of the USA and some other locations issues how ever there was still issues with the 2.5.71 in Canada which lead the released of 2.5.72 to resolve the issue that most people are having.


Reports are now coming in that 2.5.72 is working for the users that were getting No stream source or No source issues.


There is still a big cat and mouse game taken place by ISPs so this might need a bigger user intervention. For example my self, I live in the UK and I can get the primewire or 1Channel working via VPN. This will not be resolved by ADDON update this will need you to get your VPN


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There will most likely be more updates to the addon coming soon as the primewire website is blocking KODI connections  as explained in this news video


Your best future option to use alternatives kodi movies / tv shows for future use, for some of you will say that this is hard to do as you are use to primewire

Check this link for alternative kodi primewire/1channel account

Movies Addons KODI XBMC MAY 2016






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