New Panel to Area 51 IPTV as it starts to coming back with Live TV


New Panel to Area 51 IPTV as it starts to coming back with Live TV

For anyone interested in Area 51. It is coming back to the IPTV.

Area 51 was taken down among other IPTV Companies that were affected by the recent IPTV Shutdown.

Today I bring you the Area 51 news that is no longer connected to Xtream Codes original panels, and they finally moved on to other panels and have completed the move of their database.

Area 51 is not one of my favourites but a lot of users do like it and have been asking me to report the good and the bad on them.

Area 51 IPTV  either have or about to send mail to most of their subscribers on their new plan. ( Plan still to be determined )

Price Changes?

It is unclear right now, if the prices will change or will there be no change, but the Area 51 news is that there are chances of an increase on the prices due to the excess price for the panels.


Based on user responses that there is a majority of OK support.

If you are still a member of Area 51, then feel free to leave a comment below on how good you feel the support.


  1. Husham, when will the add-on be out my friend??? I’ve been following you for close to 10 years and NO-ONE else. I love to watch movie with my grand-daughters but the other one quite a while back and KEEP asking me when is your friend gonna fix Kodi?
    I promised thenI would start working on it so here I am. We appreciate you very much and think about you constantly, you are dear to our hearts. MUCH LOVE MY BROTHER, from the United States (W/IPVanish)

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