PlayesKLUB New APK released – IPTV Premium service

PlayesKLUB New APK released



I just found out today that the playersklub APK has been recently updated, So I updated the link of    Users now for the Playersklub APK can download and use it with their Playersklub user name and password.


Free Account


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Playersklub has probably been the IPTV add-on for all users to use with its wonderful service. and especially the free service. Recently they have been attacked, pushed, blamed, attacked again, and more. Not to mention the competition that was brought them more social media attacks and more DDOS and server attacks nonstop, this didn't stop, several YouTubers also started attacking the players club despite they were offering free and paid service. Playersklub latest response that they stopped the free service as they see no end to all these attacks ( these are my words, not their words).

The premium service has remained for $5 US dollars a month, and it is by far still better than others, Their service and their continued support is just outstanding. when Ever I need a question I always ask the member at and I get my answer either by email or checking again to the page.


Users lost accounts

After the recent event, and whether it was an attack on the server or not. Their entire database had to be changed and of-course their entire support tickets and account information removed. This included account emails, ticket history and credit history BUT not user name, as my user name is still working.

Users that lost their ticketing privilege or was part of this database easier, will notice their KODI, APK and Smart tv link is still working for the Playersklub. If users need to get in touch just create another free account and send a ticket to enquire about their active service


Further help

Users that need help, just raise a ticket now with their support desk.


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