Police raid illegal IPTV services on 23/05/2023

Police and FACT Raids

Yesterday, the Netherlands saw one of the largest raids in the history of the country on illegal IPTV streams. Authorities targeted servers and domains that were being used to distribute pirated content to millions of users across the globe. The operation was carried out by Dutch police in collaboration with Europol and several other European countries.


IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a technology that enables users to stream TV channels through the Internet instead of cable or satellite. It allows users to access content from around the world at a much cheaper price than traditional TV packages. However, a significant number of IPTV services operate unlawfully, distributing content that they do not have the rights to.


The raids yesterday were targeted at major players in the illegal IPTV market. The targets included Xtream Codes, an IPTV panel used by thousands of providers to manage their streams. As a result of the operation, the website was taken down, and four people were arrested.


Authorities estimate that the Xtream Codes service has been used to access over 5,000 channels worldwide and that it has around 50 million users. A statement from the prosecutor’s office in the Netherlands indicated that the individuals behind the service were earning millions of euros every month.


The raid is expected to have a significant impact on the global IPTV market, as many providers rely on the Xtream Codes panel to manage their services. It is expected that the shutdown of the panel will cause chaos and disruption among providers, and many may be forced to close down.


While the main targets of the operation were the service providers and panels, users of illegal IPTV services will also feel the effects of the crackdown. The authorities may use the information gathered during the raids to identify individuals who have been using the services illegally. Those found guilty of accessing pirated content could be subject to fines or even imprisonment.


The operation in the Netherlands is just the latest in a series of global crackdowns on illegal IPTV services. Earlier this year, the US Department of Justice shut down several IPTV services, leading to the arrest of individuals in several countries.


In conclusion, the raid that took place in the Netherlands yesterday highlights the global effort to clamp down on illegal IPTV services and piracy in general. While it is still unclear what impact the raid will have on the IPTV market, it sends a clear message to service providers and users that the authorities are taking this issue seriously.

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