Russia strongly condemns US missile strikes – BBC News

Russia has strongly condemned the US missile strikes, describing them as an act of aggression against a sovereign state, carried out in violation of international law. Our Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg reports on reaction there .

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  1. Sometimes the US has no other choice than to lay the smack down on some third world shit like this. The number one way for a country to avoid this is to join the rest of the 21st century world.

  2. One man draws a line in the sand, and we find out he used his own snail tracks to draw it. One man let's his actions speak for him regarding his feelings on war crimes.

  3. why dont the good Guys fight the bad Guys  US have seen terror attack and rusia to they have the same enemy

  4. If you Russians nuke the U.S can you please spare the south? especially Alabama? I'm only 9. I'm not ready to die 🙁

  5. посмотрим что будет дальше – опосредованная война не за горами

  6. The twin Towers, Saddam Hussain, Gadaffi…Assad next. A familiar pattern of American fact a well known system of governing. Trump is just a puppet.

  7. Russia ought to know that Trump isn't out of the woods yet regarding the fiasco involving his Russian ties. If Trump believes that this attack on Syria is going to exonerate him he's mistaken. The investigation continues. Trumps future still hangs in the balance and more sanctions on Russia can be brought forward. What Trump did was the right thing but it doesn't mean the investigation is over. Also, Russia needs to understand that Putin is the enemy not the Russian people – you all need to remove that cancer or it will end very badly for you.

  8. False flag. the start of ww3. exactly 100 years to the very day after the start of world war 2. there are no coincidences. Israel is employing their agenda 21 plan, and working on the greater Israel project.

  9. now the problem is syrian people can't choose the president of USA。 but the president of USA can determin the fate of syrian people

  10. how amusing, go-ahead poke at russia, see where that'll lead you. Accept Jesus Christ and repent is the only way out of this for you.

  11. how about we just nuke eachother and kill this planet and end everything, stupid fucks they are just like little kids playing with firecrackers! !!!! dude WTFFFFFFF! !!!!!

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