YouTube Pulls Funding From Progressive News Shows


  1. This is the fruits of phobias about racism/homophobia/misogyny etc.
    The old media used it to attack the new and even progressives like you are paying because thats the real plan, kill new media.
    Need to have a world where true free speech is not something people are afraid of.

  2. This has also happened to a lot of other youtube content, including electronic cigarette related videos. It's "funny", people that I would NEVER vote for keep getting into office, the content that I seek out online is being beaten down.

  3. So is the CEO of Google (or alphabet?) just not paying attention or are they genuinely in the bed with corporations. I have heard absolutely zero news of collusion between Google and the neoliberal elite. Can someone confirm (with proof not skepticism) of this happening? Otherwise I have to believe that whoever makes these decisions at Google is being made a symptom of a problem the same way Trump is a system of the problem.

  4. I CHALLENGE EVERYONE, to give two bucks each month to all of the progressive shows you watch on a regular basis. I decided to do the same a couple of days ago because I feel that the channels that I am loyal too are the types of values I want to continue in society, and if giving under 20 bucks a month is required to get it, well so be it,… : )

  5. Here We Are Building A Massive Border Wall Along The Two Thousand Miles
    USA/MEXICAN Border ,,,,
    And No
    As Horny Dinosaur
    Holy Pimp President
    Sugar Daddy Brings On
    Human Extinction !

    What A Time For
    YouTube To CURTAIL
    Free Speech ,,,
    As Our Conniving
    Corporate Mainstream
    ,,,, FAKE NEWS MEDIA ,,,,
    Refuses To Divulge Why
    We Are Now Fighting
    On The Same Side As
    ,,,, !!! ISIS !!! ,,,,
    Expect ,,, NO ,,,,
    Insightful Reporting
    On This Stunning
    Reversal Of Alliances
    From MSNBC's Verbose Millionaire DemoCrap Propagandists :
    1) Rachel Maddow
    2) Chris Hayes
    3) Chris Matthews

  7. What are we going to do to stop this war machine? It's obvious to everyone that the gas attack is a false flag operation and the MSM is using it to manufacture consent. Notice how we don't get to choose whether or not our country goes to war anymore? What the FUCK are we going to DO ABOUT THIS?

    ( Ungrateful Scheming
    US Oligarchs Strike Back ! )
    Why Would YOUTUBE Be Undermining American Citizens' Free Speech Rights
    Catering To The Fixed And Well Orchestrated Binary
    DemoCrap /Repugnican
    Straight Jacket Narratives
    Invented By Our Totally
    Ungrateful Elite Oligarchs ?

  9. I know YouTube is pulling funding on videos that use too much "bad language" because advertisers don't want to be linked to it. I know Jimmy struggles with that, so there is a decent chance many of the videos will get demonitized.

  10. I don't think it's only progressive stuff. Remember propornot, with their list of foreign influenced media that was legitimized with a link on the front page of the Washington Post? The list included many flavored sites. The common denominator was not following the accepted foreign policy narrative. I knew it was trouble the second I heard about corporations pulling ads because of offensive material. BTW, I got cut off when my computer powered down and went to your YT page to to find this video again. It wasn't on there. Right now I'm getting no sound. But that's been happening sometimes when I have to pause and load before I can watch. I'm on this real slow connection and that's the only way I can watch. Pain in the butt. Will research for a pittance so I can afford a better connection. This thing has been interesting though. I think it's a scam on the poor. T-Mobile gets corporate and government brownie points and you've got to be an OCD bitch to get it to work.

  11. No. Let's see if mainstream democrat content on YouTube is being untouched. Who on here is an establishment DNC, jock strap carrying YouTuber? I don't know of any, actually the MSM on YouTube is untouched! Like their language wouldn't trigger something? Total BS.

  12. I just signed a monthly pledge and made my first donation of five bucks for the Premium Audio. Two thoughts come to mind, if I may. I think the text, on the pledge icon link, should read "Fuck You…tube." No, seriously. I was also hoping, at some point, like minds could come together and form a consortium of Alt-media content providers, and provide a monthly subscription to the whole group for a reasonable fee, like twenty five or thirty bucks per month. If there were blocks of providers/creators, at twenty to thirty dollars a month, or so, a person could subscribe to several blocks, or groups and get plenty of diverse content for under a hundred a month. Still cheaper than cable tv. Thanks again for your awesome show and great journalism. You are my fav out of about thirty or so.

  13. Hello. I've signed up via Jimmy's website to a monthly PayPal thing.
    Does anyone know if it's financially better for the show if I go via Patreon instead? Which route gets more of my money into where it's needed?

  14. Would it be possible for you to start a free speech progressive activist version of Youtube?? You would get advertisers, and the advertisers would get our loyal support.

  15. Google started as NOTHING but a simple web search engine that had NO ADS, a simple interface of literally nothing but the search bar and GOOGLE's name. Google also seemed to, I suppose within its' search algorithm, pick the BEST POSSIBLE links people were wanting. Fast forward about 20 years? Google is now the most used and most ad-ridden SHIT on the planet (Google owns YouTube for people that may not know).

    Google started out as a bunch of tech geeks and coders that wanted to make things better for users of the Internet. Now? They are a corporate conglomerate.

    Why does this always happen? When something AWESOME comes along, the big wigs with money want to capitalize on it, make it worse to the point of unbearable, and now here we are. Google today is NOT the Google of 1997. Google today is basically a corporate whore.

    I guess what I am saying is that we need a new "Google" for today and should see this Google dead, cremated, re-cremated, mixed in with Cement, and buried more than 6 feet under the Mariana Trench.

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