Sky attacks my Facebook account

Sky attacks my Facebook account

For anyone reading this please share this on Facebook so others will know to contact me on my website instead of my facebook.

Today I switch on my facebook account and find that I am not allowed to post anything, I tried to post an image and was not allowed, tried to send a message to my relatives and was not allowed, tried to send a video message was also not allowed. I can't even respond to loved ones and tell them to contact me in another method.

Of course, this is not Facebook fault, It is my friends family fault for always asking me to contact them on Facebook, I never liked that, I mean what is wrong of someone to send me a text message, a WhatsApp message or even COME TO MY HOUSE AND SAY HELLO.

That been said, the suspension of facebook of my account is not an essential as much as it announces to my fans that always contact me, now users will think that I am not talking to them on purpose.

Despite the fact that I have the website and youtube to send me a private message, my youtube users and general fans and even some business always try to communicate in facebook messenger.

To be honest I think the only reason Facebook got big because everyone thought you can find a life partner or a next door to have or be a friend with the benefit ( try to deny it you want )

The full story behind my facebook suspended is because SKY has reported that I shared links that violate their copyright. now I can fight this and I usually do, but in this instance,  a break from Facebook is a welcome change.

Especially one by where facebook things it's better than me and allow people like sky control users.

to me this means only one thing, FACEBOOK SUCKS and SKY ALWAYS SUCKS..

The article that sky complained about is an article about how to get free IPTV, this is a public information found in GOOGLE, so Why attack me. Attack the darn source,

If anything they should give me a prize for showing them that there are contents on GOOGLE gives IPTV for free.


My facebook suspension will remain for 3 days initially until they complete their investigation.

Husham Memar


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