Swift Streamz APK Best World IPTV April 2020

Swif Streamz IPTV APK

Swift Streamz APK Best World IPTV April 2020

Swift Streamz APK allows you to Watch More than 700+ Live TV Channels free on your Phone and Tablet from across the world. Live TV Channels free on your Android Phone and Tablet from across the world Watch Your Favorite Live TV Channels in High Quality With Your Android Mobile in Real HD Quality

with Swift Streamz APK you can Watch live streaming of Indian and International TV Channels free on your Phone from across the world. “Swift Stream TV” app shows you the way to see Live TV on mobile. Enjoy watching TV for free!. This might just be the BEST APK for LIVE TV

With multiple Players Supported and DLNA & Chromecast Supported, Boxes Remote Supported including Firestick and Android TV. The APP has Amazing Improved App Speed, Android Tablet & Boxes Supports and most importantly no need to install any player or plugin.


There is over 700+ channels or even close to 1000 channels. I divided the pictures below on some of the channels and sports channels

Live TV Channels

Live TV channels are just amazing and it is a large list. I took a picture of some of the channels below.

Sports Channels

The sports section is designed to cover worldwide sports channels and amazing channels. The list is so surprisingly amazing and probably the best one I see for a while.


Swift Streamz Download

Click here to download the apk or use this link – www.husham.com/swiftapk



  1. I am wondering if you could say what the best free app may be & save me a ton of loading.I looking for english as all I understand and interest in movies and shows not into sports here except motor sports as in truck racing in mud & water.I must add your site rocks so happy we met (online)

    • glad the website is good for you, also hope you tried the new forum for Q and As
      Swift streans is great. you can try that
      for movies and TV Shows there is many different ones .. you can try Nova, Cinema or TV Zion

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