Tarboosh TV IPTV Replacement – IPTV Company Not Responding

Tarboosh TV IPTV Replacement – IPTV Company Not Responding

Tarboosh TV is an IPTV company that promised all their Users that they had over 8 Years of service guaranteed to be working. Tarboosh TV Customers are able to connect to IPTV channels from multiple of Devices, Including Smart IPTV, Android Devices and Apple Devices.

Their 8 Year Guarantee Service was the highlight of why most users were attracted to the service and over the years, That slogan attracted many users that wanted a stable service.


Over the years the service has been great for many users, this was noticeable always by the customer feedback on their website.

This was all good and awesome until recently I started receiving users begging me to contact Tarboosh to sort out their IPTV Service.

I honestly try, but I did not get a response. Despite that, the service is not mine and I am not affiliated in any way to it. I just wanted to help out my readers.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback was the one things that were driving Tarboosh TV to be the best and to get more users.

The Downfall

Yes, Tarboosh TV seems to have to fall from the Great Apple Tree and they are not responding, existing users are off searching the web for other companies and no one knows exactly what happens.

One Customer Review on their Website Said it all.



It look like they went out of business no more single no one answered i paid 6 month in advance I have 5 months to go
It look like is not real company

7 out of 7 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?

Went Out of Bussiness –  on 11/August /2019 a user posted a message that the company went out of business and he paid for 6 months and only used one month and no one responding to him and no signal from the network TV company. Not the great Highlight to see for any IPTV Company, but this last message was bad and especially it was also confirmed by other users that Clicked that this message was helpful

It is still unclear as to what the issue is, but Tarboosh TV is losing their customers and their reputation with no feedback to anyone. INCLUDING ME, I don’t enjoy writing Articles about IPTV services that went down, these articles take too long to write and too much time to confirm this but oh well, What can you do?. All I can do is offer my readers my honest view of the situation.

Replacement Service

To replace Tarboosh TV the only with service with Either SMART IPTV or Android device or even apple tv, One needs to know the contents of Taboosh TV.

Since I don’t have a reference and they never published their channel list to know what service they had, I will do a general replacement and list the country that you might want.

Also, I am going to guess that they had more Arabic Customers since I have been contacted with over 9 of their Customers for advice.

Arabic IPTV

  • Rambo IPTV – channel list
    • 1 Month $10 US Dollars
    • 3 Months $25 US dollars
    • 6 months $45 us dollars
    • 12 months $80 us dollars
  • View Junky – Channel list
    • 3 Day Pass $10 US dollars ( 2 devices )
    • 1 Month $20 US Dollars ( 2 devices )
    • 1 Month $28 US Dollars ( 3 devices )



For more listing of Good Companies to replace Tarboosh TV try this link

If you are a user of this IPTV service and know more infomration please write it here forum.husham.com/threads/tarboosh-iptv.188/

Written by Husham Memar


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