REQUIREMENT for this app is an Ocilion IPTV-Technologie based television system from your local network provider!

TvActor – Just. Exciting. Television!
With the TvActor app you will experience watching TV in new usability dimensions.
The heart of functionalities is being formed by an interactive TV programme guide and a mobile remote control of your TV – explore highlights of your TV programme. Anywhere!
Immerse yourself into the exciting possibilities of the TvActor app!
-Browse through the available TV programme from the past, present and future
* at any location and get comfortably informed at a glance or
* simply select a programme for the TV set on your touch screen.

-Get informative TV-show details from the Electonic Programme Guide on touch.

-Convince yourself of the uncomplicated channel selection and intuitive remote control on your mobile.

-There are numerous exciting gimmicks – give it a try!

Skim through the range of TV-shows with your app while the initially chosen channel is still operating on full screen mode on your TV set!

Get the latest version of TvActor including all updates now!

Enjoy your interactive TV experience!

By Ocilion IPTV Technologies GmbH

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