Waiting for Santa Happy holidays

Happy holidays from Husham.com

In just over one hours it will be christmas 25th December. I bought a Christmas tree

🌲 for the event and looking forward for santa to drop in for to give presenets to my kids

Husham Christmas tree with presenets

While I wiring with the family we watch movies and with the my Sony android TV or my firestick 4k ( depending what I installed )

Eating ice cream is so much fun and I really wish everyone a very jolly day to enjoy today

I actually bought some exciting ice cream mixed with baklava from levent in park royal London and it was delicious. Simple to die for. Amazing taste.

Ice cream from levent in park royal

Tonight is just an amazing night with the family gathered around and we just have a meal and joke around the PHONES with all our WhatsApp sending silly messages to everyone including each other. Lol.

Instead of talking we send funny videos and clips and images from around the world in what's app.

It was exciting to use the new Snapchat new setting as well to make things up. You can home me on my Snapchat to see some of my silly things.

I then posted in the forum an annocuments to say happy holidays to all to share this moment with you all and I wish to hear form all of you in the forum and hoped I have helped you all this year.

And before this year in five days I will have more exciting updates and news from around the world for technology.

Ok I leave you now so I keep setting with the kids while we wait for Santa.

Share what you doing this holiday in the forum.h https//forum.husham.com/threads/happy-holidays-everyone.997/


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