Kodi v17 “Krypton” The last Beta 7


Yes, you read it correctly, KODI 17 Beta 7. more bug fix and more solutions. but WHAT THE HELL?!!! we are waiting for another KODI 17 release and more beta releases.  KODI team said this is the last beta. (OK no comments ), KODI also said that they are doing this so that they wont release any more fixes later on (OK, You killing me, still no comments) , KODI said that this is the last update before Christmas, Holly crap, does that mean there will be another update after Christmas, KODI already said that they are working on KODI 18, What the …..  Release KODI 17 Already.

Fixes done in this Beta 7:

• Update Estuary and Estouchy skin with some bugfixes
• Enable IEC61937 audio passthrough support on Android for DTS-HD, TrueHD, DTS:X and ATMOS in case the Android version supports this
• Fix PVR channel OSD display conditions
• Fix possible crash in PVR EPG
• Fix multiple selection in file browser
• Fix duplicate context menu for PVR recordings
• Fix wrong window size on OSX
• Fix problem on Windows that currently in use skins couldn’t be updated
• Further improvement of cmake build system
• Various other improvements and fixes


What’s new?

In general, nothing really as this was just about bug fixing and further finalising our new build system.

Estuary and Estouchy: next generation

Past March we announced that v17 would feature a brand new default skin called Estuary and since then it has been included in every build we have released. During this period our developers kept improving on how it looked, behaved and made use of the latest features that got included from what is shaping up to be the final release of v17. Since more and more users also started to use these development builds we started to receive a lot of feedback, where most was positive there was also some negative or at least constructive comments. As we are not deaf to these comments and try to create the best experience, our skin developer phil65 went back to the drawing board and rethought on how to incorporate this feedback into wat should become the final skin. With some help from ryanmah for the mockups, ichabod-fletchman for helping out this didn’t resulted in a total rewrite but simply reworking some parts of how the skin looks and behaves. The underlying skin code still remains the same for a very large part except for the parts where a smarter way of doing this magic was found. The visual top layer what you will see should still feel quite familiar if you have used any past v17 builds as not everything was redone.

At same time the touch skin Estouchy also got matched by our senior skin developer ronie to match the Estuary look.


According to KODI below

It’s almost Christmas and as such we wanted to bring you the last Beta version of Kodi 17. This means we have good hopes we have squashed the biggest and known issues and up next we will go to Release Candidates which in the end will result in the final release. However let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first gather some more feedback on testing this Beta 7 version. The changes for this seventh an last beta are the result of the continuous effort from the developers, either from inside the team or outside to get v17 into final release shape. We sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with answering their questions.

I last reported the release date to be the end of the year and maybe it will be after Christmas. maybe my prediction is not far off then.  So this might will be the moment of truth. This is the last beta (we hope) and we see them mention the word final release now.



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    • only when kodi 17 get released officially i will look in to it.. There is no point fixing the addon now if kodi plan to change it later

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