Best Android TV KODI BUILDS Wizard – Configurator Complete Setup Wizard

Best Android TV KODI BUILDS Wizard

Most of us these day are looking to buy an Android TV BOX, These android TV boxes come either with KODI Pre installer or Google Play to have KODI installed.

I have not seen a single Android or KODI BOX with the Google Play missing from it.

Many new Android TV BOX such as the ones listed below, are either Android 5,6,7 or even Android 8 ( at the time of writing the latest version )

Tanix TX3 

H96 Max Plus

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Configurator Complete Setup Wizard

After you buy a fantastic Android BOX / KODI box, you will be needing a KODI Addon, KODI Wizard or even KODI Repo or Repos.

This is where the Configurator for Kodi APK comes in to play.

Installs All the latest and Best Addons

Installs all the latest and best KODI Builds with Automatic Build Update.

Provides Maintenance for for KODI all from a single easy to user APK menu

Configurator First Screen
Configurator Maintaince


Configurator Addons


See the Video for the Configurator below.





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