Best Smart IPTV Replacement for Samsung Smart TV 2021

best smart iptv replacement 2021

Best Smart IPTV Replacement for Samsung Smart TV 2021

This article, listS the replacement apps to use in your Samsung Smart TV as to the best Replacement for Smart IPTV.

These apps in this article will be available in your Samsung App store.

What is Smart IPTV?

Smart IPTV, commonly known as SIPTV, is an IPTV player with EPG (Electronic Program Guide) that gives you easy access to the IPTV channels that you want. Samsung had removed the app and You can follow the manual install of the app

Apps to replace Smart IPTV in Samsung TVs

While many still in love with Thir Samsung and wish to use an IPTV Player, Smart IPTV might just get a bit old and had run its course in life to be replaced now. Since most of us noticed that Smart IPTV had not been updated for quite some time and also not available in the Samsung app store, there is an obvious lack of IPTV Players hole that needs to be filled for most Live TV Enthusiast. Depending on your TV, the Samsung IPTV Player APPS can be found in the Samsung app store on the TV, however, choosing a good one is a thought cookie. Today I comprised a list of the best apps to use in your Samsung TV to be used as Smart IPTV Replacement.

The best apps to replace Smart IPTV.

Duplex play IPTV = $1 six months

Started as a free IPTV Player for the Samsung tv, then went to be 1$ for six months and offering a reseller option ( although never used reseller option).  Also Duplex changed their name from Duplex IPTV to Duplex Pla, this made the original video I made for them so confusing.

Duplex Play Configuration video

Duplex Play Activation Video

Currently Duplex only allows to be paid with Windows, however it use to be Windows and Android.

QUZu IPTV = €7.99 Life time

Quzu IPTV Player might just be very close to the Smart IPTV as a replacement, be that it offers one-time payment for lifetime, much the same as Smart IPTV, Quzu also offers EPG and also uses almost the same method of the setup of web activation. which you activate with MAC Address

Nanomid IPTV = €9.99 Life time

Perhaps the most intense IPTV Players for the Samsung tv. Not only does allow you to have a similar setup to Duplex and similar activation to Quzu. but also it allows you to make your own panels to stream your own videos and your contents as you feel best. which include either a local drive or a simple youtube link.

however unlike Duplex and Quzu, Nanomid is considered to be more intense and complicated to set up for first time users. Nanomid is mostly designed for the enthusiast user and to the boy inside of us that want to play with sending links and using features that would not be something you think of.

Also, Nanomid works with Reseller options much like Duplex but at the next lever, What I mean is that it will show you a panel to set up a major amount of content, unlike other IPTV Players.

Their website will allow you to activate one tv for Life but also is very simple to be used as long as you signup on their website first.

SmartOne = $10 Life time

OneTime Payment and simple to use IPTV Player, Only newly introduced in 2021 and seems to be a big hit among users.

SmartOne is really an amazing streaming IPTV Player. Very simple and very easy to use

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