Discord links removed – How to contact your IPTV company

discord iptv shutdown

Discord links removed – How to contact your IPTV company

Discord has been a great haven for most users to chat and communicate with their IPTV company. It allowed users to chat on a personal level to their companies as they offered a more personal touch and allowed users to chat among them selfs

Recently a big APK and IPTV clamp down taken place. Most IPTV companies are been threaten to their doors. This resulted in over 25% of Discord chat servers to close up and be removed forcefully without even allowing them to inform their users.

With all discords links been phased out for IPTV companies. I found my self answering almost every IPTV customer service desk. This is great news for me and for the future of Husham.com.

And also I found that has been users that are willing to step in to be MOD to the Forums that have been created for the IPTV companies

I am also creating new IPTV company forums per new IPTV company request to keep track of the questions

If you are one of these people that want help with your IPTV company or find it that you have something to share. Then go to the Forum under the IPTV company section and contribute to help users or maybe start a new one for your IPTV company if the information is not there.


  1. I was wondering how to contact game master X. I still have credits in my panel for resell but the web url leads nowhere now. I have customers who need answers from me. Any help would really be appreciated. thanks. I have learned a lot from you over the years. Thanks

  2. Can you send me the url for gmx. I have an account but cant access it. I downloader iptv smarters. thanks rick

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