IPTV Extreme pro allows you to Watch IPTV from your service provider or free live TV channels from the WEB. If you usually use VLC to stream Live TV Channels then this app is for you. This is certainly an Awesome App every feature is covered. Loving the replay feature.

The Streaming player app is absolutely fantastic, install on your Android devices very easy however recently removed from the Firestick and you will require to install it manually

Please note you need to use your own IPTV list to watch channels I suggest to install VLC for Android or MX Player stream live stream if the default Video Player is not able to Play streaming video.


– Integrated Player (Advanced & Light)
– Chromecast Support (Beta)
– Parental Control
– Remote Controller support
– Backup / Restore Settings
– M3U playlists support
– Multi EPG support (TV Guide)
– Auto EPG update
– EPG alias management
– All the EPG providers are included
– Picons support in different size
– Ability to download On-Demand Programs!
– Ability to record Live Streaming with time limit!
– More than 10 Themes available!
– Time Recording
– Timers Management
– Autostart On Boot Function
– Set Memo function for Events on TV Guide
– Search for Similar Events on TV Guide
– Sliding EPG time

Additional features are available in the Pro version:
– Ad-free



IPTV Extreme Pro Setup instructions:

First, you'll need to add a Playlist by inserting m3u link or select a previously saved playlist file.

Playlist Method 1

Open the IPTV Extreme player and use the MAC Address to upload channels to your device with this link iptvextreme.eu

Use the MAC address of your device to upload channels to your APK
The website you need to use to the MAC address

Playlist Method 2

Another Method to upload to your Playlist is very impleading it to on the APP from the settings.

You try to add a playlist or Xtream Codes Portal URL

Options you can select to add an IPTV Playlist
As the image showed you will get three options when you click Adding a new playlist.
  • IPTV Extreme Portal –
    • This brings you back to step 1 adding portal
  • File or Link to a playlist
    • you can use this option to upload a playlist or use M3U linkIPTV Extreme PRO APK
  • Xtream Codes Portal
    • Adding Xtream portal or Portal server information for user name and password seems like the most common and another easy method to adding playlist IPTV Extreme PRO APK

How to add IPTV channels to IPTV EXTREME PRO

Step 1: After downloading the version of your choice, start the application and wait for it to load up.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 2: Now click on the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 3: Now select “Playlists” as depicted via a red arrow.IPTV EXTREME Pro APK ANDROID APK IPTV PLAYER


Step 4: Now click on “ADD PLAYLIST” and proceed to the next section.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 5: Now select “FILE OR LINK TO PLAYLIST“.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 6: Now you must enter a name for your playlist and then insert your M3U URL which you can obtain from an IPTV provider and click on “OK“.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 7: Now you must wait for the app to load the playlist. This might take a few minutes.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 8: Now click on the “OK” and proceed to the next step.IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review


Step 9: Now click on the playlist you just added.

IPTV Extreme Pro IPTV Guide Review

Step 10: Now you can select each channel group as depicted via red arrows and start streaming.IPTV EXTREME Pro APK ANDROID APK IPTV PLAYER



How to download IPTV Extreme Pro?

You can download very easily with Google PlaystoreDownload the IPTV Extreme or IPTV Extreme pro from the google play store now

  1. Google Playstore Free Version – play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pecana.iptvextreme&hl=en_GB 
  2. Google Play Store Paid Version – play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pecana.iptvextremepro&hl=en_GB 

or you can download using the links below.

Manual download for Firestick and other devices requires you download via a link and have no option from the google play store.

  • Free Version – Download by using one of the links below for you by device version
  • Pro Version – Download by using one of the links below for you by device version


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