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Free Products from Amazon

Amazon is a shopping market that allows users to buy from users and from companies that sell their products on the Amazon website.

Amazon has now grown so big that allows users to buy from Amazon directly any products including food, cloth, books, films, tv shows and even books.

The Amazon way of things is simple to allow users to buy from Amazon and allow the public to contribute to it and also earn money.

When Amazon started selling books first it immediately expanded to allow users to publish books in Amazon, and then Amazon expanded over the years to include big companies and small home users to sell products new and used products providing they get a good response from the buyers.

Amazon has grown so big that Amazon now allows anyone to join them to be a driver using the Amazon flex. Earning can be from 12 an hour for deliveries.

Today we are talking about the Amazon free products you can get, Last time I wrote an article that showed you can join Amazon to get free products in return you need to provide honest reviews. The better the reviews the more money you are allowed to spend on products

The program is called Noodle Campus this is one of many programs you can use as there is many programs that offer the same, however, I am writing an update on this with the same program as I only use and trust this program so far.


  1. You need an Amazon account,
  2. You need to do reviews on Amazon.
  3. Optional Amazon Prime account required to get free deliveries. ( this help for fast reviews )

I recently joined NoodleCampus and my first task has gone very smoothly. I did a P&O task, which meant I purchase the required product from Amazon, then completed the task by reviewing the product on Amazon. I then received the full cost back into my PayPal account.  There are also O&P tasks, for which you complete the task then get paid.

I have not been promoted in the Noodle Campus to Rank B and a good limit of 70 Pound on products.

I have been reviewing many items from Noodle Campus for some time now, getting a lot of products for free to review them with my honest opinion

Do it now signup to Noodlecampus now.

After publishing the first article about this, I had many people signup and allot of questions. Let me answer some below.

Questions and answers

Q. Do I need an Amazon account?

A. Yes sign up now

Q. Do I need an amazon prime account?

A. It helps to get items faster for faster deliveries but you don’t really need on. I have one because I get free deliveries the next day and since I am getting loads of products free, I see the benefit from amazon prime.

Q. Do I have to have been doing amazon review first?

A. Yes you need at least reviewed some amazon review

Q. Do I have to write a review?

A. yes you do.

Q. How long does it take for me to move from Rank E to Rank A?

A. The system is automated and you can send a message to the team to answer your progress of the ranks.

Q. How does it work exactly?

A. You first purchase items listed in the website, and then you post the links of the items you bought and then you get the money back.

Q. When do I have to post reviews about the items?

A. you have small time to review the items, personally, I recommend as soon as you get it, test the product, and write your honest opinion about it in Amazon reviews.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Click here to sign up

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