Google Categorically Refuses to Remove The Pirate Bay’s Homepage

Google Categorically Refuses to Remove The Pirate Bay’s Homepage

In the latest several years, Google has had to process an unbelievable amount of takedown requests, aimed at ‘pirate’ internet sites in search benefits.

While most of these notices do without a doubt record inbound links to copyright-infringing written content, not all are.

There are the apparent problems, wherever Wikipedia,, or NASA are specific, for example. But even web sites with a apparent pirate stigma have webpages that are not directly infringing.

Get The Pirate Bay’s homepage, which is made up of the iconic pirate ship logo, a look for box, as perfectly as some other backlinks. However, there is no immediate point out of copyright-infringing articles that warrants a ‘takedown.’

That does not protect against copyright holders and various reporting companies from hoping to take away it from Google however. Information offered by the Lumen group, which maintains an archive of all the DMCA notices Google search gets, reveals that Pirate Bay’s homepage has been qualified dozens of occasions.

This year on your own, at least 15 independent takedown notices request Google to take away from its index. Most of these are despatched by the reporting company Digimarc, on behalf of e book publishers these as Penguin Random Property, Kensington Publishing, and Recorded Books.

The most the latest was sent just a few times in the past, accusing TPB’s homepage of web hosting or linking to an infringing duplicate of “Star Wars: The Primary Radio Drama.” A number of days previously a identical observe accused the similar page of linking to the French edition of Stephen King’s The Managing Person.

These notices also listing other absolutely unrelated hyperlinks which are really hard to reveal, as the impression under demonstrates. Nevertheless, we won’t dwell on that listed here.

Just one of the takedown attempts

Above the many years, The Pirate Bay’s homepage has been focused more than 70 moments. And even then we’re only counting the official area names, and

The oldest community observe we could obtain was despatched by the American sports activities marketing firm Zuffa. In January 2013 the organization discovered several infringing Pirate Bay backlinks, but also additional in the site’s homepage.

Even though there is no shortage of reviews, TPB’s homepage is nonetheless in Google’s index.

Due to the fact TPB’s homepage is not infringing, Google categorically refuses to take out it from its lookup success. Although the website itself has been downranked, thanks to the large amount of takedown requests Google gets for it, continues to be shown.

Google did get rid of The Pirate Bay’s homepage in the previous, by accident, but that was swiftly corrected.

“Google obtained a (Electronic Millennium Copyright Act) choose-down ask for that erroneously listed, and as a consequence, this URL was unintentionally taken out from the Google search index,” Google mentioned at the time.

“We are now correcting the removal, and you can anticipate to see again in Google lookup results this afternoon,” the corporation included.

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Written by David Minister

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