Attacked by haters Attacked by Haters

ok, so you probably have seen recently that got attacked over the last 12 hours.

This is a normal behaviour of people that rude and childish.

There is no reason for me to post the images or the childish comments here, I would rather just put this behind me to continue my work.

We did have a momentary lack of connection to the server and was unable to stop some of these posts and some articles had to be removed and will likely be reworded and POSTED AGAIN, (So not to worry about the contents it will be BACK)

The message was clear that it was asking users to go to another website. (This will make it easier to track the people behind this.)

This is not the first time I got attacked. Youtubers and bloggers have been trying to attack me nonstop.

Well, I know my self. I have helped many millions around the world. This is a fact.

If it wasn't direct it was through others that are happy for My help when they asked for it.

People that attacked me only got more jealous when they can't get more help from me any more.

Fear not, I have extracted the articles and made the authorities aware of this issue to deal with Hackers.

In the mean BACK TO MY YOUTUBE AND MY WEBSITE. My mission is to help users and I will continue ..

This will not stop me help the little guy

My name is Husham Memar 

I own

I own Husham Memar youtube channel, The largest repository of Videos.




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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your support and guidance…To me you are a miracle sent to resolve my many quest for live sports and THEN I was introduced to APK… Shazam!!! You took me to a new level… I ain’t a computer Wiz but rather a dinosaur when it comes to tech and online stuff.. you have my utmost respect and support… Please keep it up and never fade away!!!

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