Kodi was earlier known as XBMC and is regarded to be called as an excellent home theater because if you have got a home theater that has a great display as well as a brilliant sound then Kodi is what you need the most. This software is an open source project and holds tons of movies, songs, videos and images just to make your time more entertaining. Today we are going to tell you everything on How to Install Kodi on Smart TV?

In order to get Kodi installed on your smart TV, you must remember that your TV has a running Android OS. Because the power of Android can easily help you in getting the Kodi installed on your TV. Moreover, this software can also be installed on android phones as well.

Why is there a need to buy a Smart TV running on Android OS?

Today, it is true that we have gone extra miles to using the tech products but we possess less knowledge on them and for the same reason end up buying products on the basis of brand names only. This is not correct because if any other company is providing a smart TV running on an Android OS then one must go with that product. Moreover, there are several other reasons as well which you must need to keep in mind like the size of the screen or display or the RAM of the product.

See, this is very important to check on with other feature of the product because let’s say you get a Smart TV which isn’t having good processor then you won’t be able to enjoy much of the Kodi and will face issues with it. Therefore, everything must be seen upon while buying a smart TV and hence only the one with an Android OS must be taken into account.

Now, if your smart TV isn’t powered with android then the direct way for installation of Android is not possible. Still, an old Android device can be used to set up the Kodi on your smart TV and with that, you will be able to do everything.

Overall, it must be understood that you must have software running on your smart TV, it’s not necessary that the software has to be android. Like Samsung uses Tizen software in its smart TV and hence the installation of Kodi on these TVs can be easily done. But if your Smart TV does not have any kind of OS then it is not possible to get Kodi installed on your Smart TV. There is one feature called Kodi Buildson kodi. That provides you with the variety of great add-ons only on a single build. You can install titanium build kodi. Titanium is most famous build that everybody does like.

Some exclusive features of smart TV-

SMART TV always comes with features that come handy in use and these have been on the increased demand for smart TV. We are here to list out those features that you will get with a smart TV. These features are very useful for sure but you can only enjoy them when you are able to get Kodi on your Samsung. Have a sneak peek on few of them here-

  1. They can allow a direct internet access on your TV and there is no more use of PC or laptops to browse the net. You will be allowed to access Facebook, Youtube, and other sites on a big screen.
  2. Using the wifi direct feature, sharing of media files on your TV has become easy. This means that the transferring of any file will be very fast and then you can enjoy the same on your TV.
  3. Screen Mirror: This one here is a very cool and a useful feature as using this can allow the user to stream the mobile screen directly on the TV.
  4. Record TV: This feature allows the user to get the audio and video recorded on TV.
  5. There are many types of ports on your smart TV like USB, HDMI, Ethernet and other ports. These ports can allow you to get your smart TV connected with many kinds of devices. The most important thing is that you can get your PC or the play station connected to your TV directly and enjoys playing HD games. Also, these ports can be used to connect HTPC devices like Roku or Amazon Firestick which will allow you to enjoy kodi on smart TV.
  6. If in case your smart TV has an Ethernet port then using wired internet connection is what we recommend to you. Since wireless connections are slow therefore problems may arise while streaming High definition content on your TV. Directly connecting your TV to the router with the help of Ethernet cable is best. This feature becomes more enjoyable when you install Kodi on Samsung TV.


How to get the installation of Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV which happens to be running on Android?


  1. Reach Play Store.
  2. Find “Kodi’.
  3. Hit the install button.

Now, if your Smart TV lacks the power of an android then you need to follow the given below steps –

  1. Get started with Kodi by downloading it.
  2. Get that file transferred on your TV.
  3. Taking the help of a file explorer, you need to get the APK file installed on your Samsung Smart TV.

This will complete your installation procedure of Kodi for Samsung smart TV. If you have got Amazon firestick. Then check a way to install kodi on firestick.


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  1. Husham thanks for the video…good thing you noted the importance of the right smart tv..cause i will be looking soon. On a separate note i cannot install bennu addon from new colossus repo…have they moved it or something or is it from their end? thanks

  2. Hey Husham!! Big fan of you. I love your videos, you always say it the way it is. I have one question, I just bought a 65" Sony xbr65x750d tv. I'm not good with technology, my question is, if I get a joystick for my tv, do I need to buy something else to make it work or I can just play any game with just that?

  3. Husham, I have a Samsung 8 series tv and I do have the IPTV app on it installed although I don't have the Play Store. Is there a way to still use this app and enjoy what you are showing here in your video? Please advise on how to use this app and install something worth using. Or is this app not worth using since it is not kodI or Android based? Thank you!!!

  4. I have android 6 on my Sony tv, how do I download version 7? And I have a lot of buffering !! Have tried everything possible and have been told it's the tv and I need a stand alone android device??? Your thoughts?

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