IPTV Firestick 5$ – ACE TV APK / KODI

IPTV Firestick 5$ – ACE TV

Ace TV IPTV is an inexpensive service that provides over 1,000 live channels with most in HD quality.  As of this writing,  AceTV IPTV costs only $5 per month!, price might go up in future so lock yourself on the 5$ service now before the price goes up.

This can be installed on any Android-powered device by using their APK installation file, also provide a Kodi addon which can be used on any device running this popular media center application.

AceTV IPTV also serves up all of the most popular sport season packages such as NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.  Pay-per-view sporting event are also available within the service as well.

An Adult section is provided and users may restrict access to this within the settings panel by creating a password.

AceTV IPTV allows for monthly payments and they email an invoice well in advance of when payment is due.

You can install the service on as many devices as you would like. Additional connections will allow you to use the service on multiple devices simultaneously.

IPVanish VPN works great with ACE TV IPTV which is great news for Husham Youtube subscribers.

Get ACE IPTV Account now

Click here to get ACE TV IPTV Service user account

or browse using this link www.husham.com/kodiaceiptv


Download link

APK – Click here

Firestick – Click here or enter this url in downloader www.husham.com/acetvapk

KODI Repo – http://fspmkodi.com/repo/

KODI Addon manual download – Click here


Video Guide


  1. I downloaded the apk and got the Area51 logo too. After I opened it several times it finally changed itself to Ace TV. My username and password are not working. I got my email from PayPal and from firestickplusman but I am unable to get on. I get a 404 error code and I can’t find a customer service dept. Please help me resolve this issue. I keep checking my spam folder but nothing.

  2. I purchased the service, however unable to login. I didn’t receive and email with any information as of yet, can you tell me how long an email is sent after purchase.

    Thank you

  3. I’ve subscribed to the Ace TV and paid through paypal what do I do next ?! i have not received any emails plz let me know what to do next, like others the apk installation did not complete and did not work

  4. When I try to log in there’s a message saying Error code 404: Network error occurre! Please try again!!! How do I go around this??

    • did you get your login details
      there should be an email that you got for login detials you can just reply back and ask for help on any particular issue like logging 🙂

  5. I paid and signed up last night. (Paid twice in error). I have not received an email yet. Please help.

  6. I’ve subscribed to the Ace TV and paid through paypal what do I do next ?! i have not received any emails plz let me know what to do next just here waiting

  7. hey i have paid for the subscription and have a username and password but it says invalid url can you help me please

    • if you have filled the information correctly then they will contact you via email
      in any case, try sending them an email to their PayPal email and they will reply to you with the login details

  8. Hello,
    I am so confused and am afraid I’ve been ripped off.
    I paid $60 USD for the “tax” special for AceTv-premium.
    I’m an Area 51 user and happily so. AceTv looked like a good service to have too. Now-I’ve paid-there has been no email, no way to log on, no nothing. I don’t like this way of doing business. I asked via Facebook and Twitter and got an automated response. Now I reading online and am wondering if this service is even working! I’m about to file a complaint with PayPal because I’m not a stupid person but this makes me feel really stupid. PLEASE tell me how to log on or refund my money.
    Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can give me.

    • ace tv premium is the new tv from ace tv
      there is ace tv standard
      if you purchased the standard then it is the same area 51 .. so maybe might want to change it to premium
      in either case./ the ace tv premium for you to get infomraiton from them for subscription
      send them an email message to the same paypal email you paid with and they will get back to you

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