IPTV Smarters Player APK

Free APK to Record IPTV to your Android Device

IPTV Smarters Player APK

IPTV SMARTERS Considered to be one of the best APK to cut the cord. IPTV Smarters Player is a free APK available for download for free as long as you have an IPTV service Subscription that can support Xtream Codes IPTV Services,

Smarters Player APK made by WHMCS SMARTERS the makers of IPTV SMARTERS and IPTV SMARTERS PRO.


Smarters Player is a Free Multimedia Player based on Xtream Codes API  to watch Movies and Series with Episodes and Seasons. Smarters Player is intended for everyone,  is developed by the developer of IPTV Smarters Player App.


I advise watching a video guide below to see the benefit of IPTV Smarters Player before installing. Any questions please leave comment below.



IPTV Subscription required to make IPTV Smarters Player work. Click here to check out some of the IPTV Smarters Player Compatible services

Download link

Download for IPTV Smarters Player APK free

Main website for information click here


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  1. hey bro I saw your you tube presentation today, I m in Jamaica. can you send me a trial link for my smarters iptv please and thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing the IPTV Smarters Player APK! Your contribution is invaluable, making it easier for people like me to access IPTV services conveniently. Greatly appreciated!

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