Husham.com has always been a supporter of IPVANISH, and not only because we are affiliated with IPVANISH, but IPVANISH services were also something that was unmarried with other VPN companies. WAS is the correct term to use for IPVANISH Privacy services. Unfortunately and even Husham.com is affiliated with such VPN companies. I can tell you that there is no more Privacy when Using IPVANISH Virtual Private Network.


Recently IPVANISH had all their company restricted and all their plans of world domination in the privacy sector, have gone lost maybe a no better word to use than SHIT. Please forgive me, and so Sorry, I don't normally write such language in n article but I am surprised by what I just found out today

IPVANISH use to be the leader in privacy and the leading in proper protection when hiding and even scrambling your internet so no one knows what you are doing. However, today's incident me personally and I can tell you 100% I spent over 2 whole days confirming what I found, and I spent such a long time confirming this because I didn't believe what I found or Perhaps didn't want to believe what I found.

IPVANISH is no longer Private and Internet companies can monitor your activities when using IPVANISH. This was proven to me when I compared a connection to an XFINITY connection in Chicago.


While trying to assist a user in the Chicago USA area, I asked him to install IPVANISH and try to watch his IPTV subscription. The subscription was working for me ok when I tried to compare it in My Home in London UK. However, he was buffering all the time when using Xfinity with IPVANISH.

For the life of me, it didn't hit me in the head, that the problem would have been the VPN. or even IPVANISH would have network issues. the truth was even far worse to imagine or even unheard of and hard to believe.


Using the example above, it appears that XFINITY was able to identify that the connection was IPVANISH and able to identify that it is IPTV and they started throttling the connection.

The only way to confirm was to add a different VPN and such as NORD VPN or Surfshark VPN and compare if the channels would buffer. And to my surprise, there was no buffering to the TV channels

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