IPVanish has been accused of logging user data

Users will be worried if they should use there device now or not. The IPO might involve some extra tracking methods to find out who is using the Illicit streaming devices

IPVanish is a popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that offers users the ability to access the internet privately and securely. However, there have been several issues surrounding the service that make it a questionable choice for users.


Firstly, IPVanish has been accused of logging user data. In 2016, a high-profile legal case revealed that IPVanish had been logging user data despite their no-logs policy. This data was used in a criminal investigation, which raised serious concerns about the service’s data protection practices. The company claimed that it had changed its data protection policies since then and that it didn’t store any personally identifiable information, but the damage to their reputation was already done.


Secondly, IPVanish has been accused of unethical business practices. In 2017, IPVanish was purchased by Highwinds, a company that operates several content delivery networks (CDNs). Critics argue that IPVanish is using its VPN service to spy on users and collect data to sell to advertisers. This is because Highwinds has a vested interest in gathering this type of data to better market their CDN services.


Thirdly, IPVanish has poor customer service. The company has received poor reviews for their support team’s inability to resolve customer issues, long wait times for customer service, and poor communication.


Lastly, IPVanish has been flagged for being based in the United States. The US is a Five Eyes country, which means that the government is part of an intelligence-sharing alliance with other countries. This alliance has been accused of spying on citizens and sharing information with each other without warrant or consent.


In conclusion, while IPVanish may offer some benefits for those looking for a VPN service, its past accusations of logging user data, questionable business practices, poor customer service, and being based in a Five Eyes country may be reasons enough for users to consider alternative options.

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