Kodi 18 RC5 Release as more delays to Official Release Countdown Continues

Kodi 18 RC5 Release as more delays to Official Release Countdown Continues

KODI 18 RC 5 also known as KODI 8 Release Candidate 5 is now available to for download, you can use the download links below to download or use the KODI Windows or Android Installer. KODI 18 continues its commitment to the BETA and Release Candidate versions until the official version gets released.

As many of you might know KODI usually release a KODI version once ever year, however this year for some unknown reason that have delayed the KODI Release by Two years so far.

KODI 18 RC 5 comes in after the numerous versions of testing nightly versions released on a DAILY basis to add more features and of course fix the simple issues that the KODI application has, such as the common issues of KODI continues to crash during closing or KODI taken too long to opening in Android device or KODI is very slow in Windows after KODI 16 or just the simple Appl MAC version of KODI Mouse course that has still yet to be looked at from KODI 16.

Husham.com Tried to communicate all this feedback to KODI in the past. Only to fall on Deaf Ears.

KODI 18 RC 5 Disabled the Installer Script

For some reason or another KODI team have temporarily impaired the Android  ‘Kodi Android Installer’ claiming this is because of the new Android API.

The strange part of this is that the Nightly version Installer was working in KODI 18 RC 1 android and this was disabled without any update on Android API part.  Which Means only one thing, KODI DOING THIS ON PURPOSE for some reason, or the other reasoning is, KODI still has bad Android Programmers.

This move from KODI on impairing one of their scripts came as a shock to everyone. This now mean users will not be able to easily upgrade to KODI 18 versions but it will not stop users to upgrade, just makes life a little bit more interesting.

Downloading using the Kodi Android Installer doesn’t mean that you will not be able to download KODI, in a matter of fact, the downloading still takes place to your Android BOX, Fire Stick or NVidia Shield.

You will just need to grab it using a file explorer program in your device to install it manually from your downloaded folder.

Usually, the download folder is marked within the message but you just need to wait for it to be scrolled down to show it

Rumours Circulated as to why this move to disable Impair / Disable the Android installer.

Of course, the biggest rumour that Kodi team are trying to reduce/stop the Android Installing of KODI 18 and if true then this is the saddest moment in Kodi history.

Others have stated this is just a minor fix to prepare for Kodi 18.0 official release which we are yet to hear news on the official release.

To install KODI 18 RC 3 from the script follow these steps, after you navigate to correct folder within your Android device you can install KODI 18 by just clicking on the new downloaded APK file.

KODI 18 RC 5 Build Video Guides

If you wish to install KDO I build you can always look in the KODI build section in the Husham.com Website or look at the Husham Memar youtube KODI Builds Playlist for latest KODI Builds

Here is a video guide for the Flash build to install KODI 18 RC 3 Build which works on KODI 18 RC5

KODI 18 on the Firestick Video guide below

Husham KODI 18 Skin

If you are like me and others that want to use a simple skin that you want to use and just don’t like the new skin that KODI have made. Then

Big thanks go to the KODI ACE Team and specially KODI ACE of Clubs that has helped me a lot to making this final work for Husham Confuelnce and make it available for KODI 18.

The Husham confluence is available from the husham repository and will install and work for KODI 18 RC2

Download KODI 18 RC 5 links

You can use the Windows installer now to upgrade your Windows as it is not affected by the same issue the Android Installer is, but in any case, you can download the latest version from over here right now, Manual download links below

Manual Download

Use one of the respective download link for your device.


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