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How To Install Kodi On Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, XBMC)

Some Awesome Features of Smart TV.

Smart TV comes with excellent features. These features are very useful, and these features are increasing the demand of Smart TV. Here is the list of features that you will get on a Smart TV. These features are useful, but if you want to know how to download kodi on smart TV Samsung, then your experience of watching TV will change for sure.

kodi on smart tv

  1. You can Browse the Internet directly on your TV. So, No need to start the Laptop/PC to browse the Internet. You can access FB, Youtube, and other sites on a Big screen.
  2. Share media files directly on your TV. It uses WiFi direct feature, so your transfer will be very fast and then you can play it on your Smart TV.
  3. Screen Mirror: It is a useful and cool feature. You can directly stream your Mobiles screen on your TV. So, You can play Games on Big screen or your favourite apps on your TV.
  4. Record TV: With this feature, you can record the Video or Audio on your TV. This feature is very useful, and you will love using it.
  5. Smart TV comes with many types of Ports. HDMI, USB, Ethernet and some other ports. These ports can help you to connect various types of devices to the Smart TV. The best thing is you can connect your PC or Play station so you can play High Definition games on directly on your Smart TV. You can use these Ports to connect your HTPC devices like Roku or Amazon Firestick to enjoy kodi on smart TV.
  6. If your Smart TV comes with an Ethernet port, then it is highly recommended to use a Wired Internet connection. Because wireless connection can be slow in many cases and it will create problem while streaming High definition content on your TV. So, Directly connect your TV to your router using Ethernet cable. If you want to make this features more useful, then you can install Kodi and enjoy it.

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Download Kodi For Smart TV.

Kodi has an Add-on ecosystem. So, You can install an Add-on for what you need. There is a broad range of add-ons that you can choose. You can Stream Youtube on your TV; You can directly watch Movies from Torrent. Many Music Add-ons and Images Add-ons make Kodi the best Home Theater software. This article will tell you about the kodi app for smart TV.

If you have a Smart TV, it means you already have a Great Display hardware. Smart TV comes with many functionalities, and some of them are useful. So, If you Install Kodi Smart TV, then it will become best Home Theater setup. Let us cover how to install Kodi on Samsung, LG smart or Sony. I will update this article for more TVs. If you own an Amazon Firestick, then refer to install Kodi on Amazon Firestick, or you can use this guide on Kodi download for smart TV.



Can You Install Kodi on Smart TV?

Can You Download Kodi For Smart TV?

To run Kodi on Your Smart TV, your TV should run on Android OS. If Android powers your device, then you can easily install Kodi and start enjoying. Kodi is officially available for Android OS; other examples you can install Kodi on your Android phone also.

Some Smart TV manufacturers do not use Android for the smart television, and if you bought a smart TV, which is not running on Android, then you can not install Kodi on those devices. Samsung uses Tizen OS for some of their Smart TV so you can not install Kodi on these Samsung devices. All the Samsung TV Kodi run on their Tizen OS and not on Android. Tizen is still not a supported OS for Kodi so, You can not install Kodi Samsung smart TV. If you still want to enjoy Kodi on Samsung TV, then you will need to buy an Android Player like Nvidia Shield or an Amazon FireStick / FireTV

Kodi TV is available using this method. If you are Smart TV device is powered by Android then it is very simple for you. Just Follow the Bellow steps to Install KODI on smart TV.

  1. Go TO PlayStore.
  2. Search “Kodi’.
  3. Click on Install.

Open Kodi, and now you are ready to rock. Find and Install useful Add-ons for you and enjoy. Kodi TV is a great media device.



Install IPTV on Smart TV


Smart IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

  • Price – 5.49 Euro one time purchase per TV
  • Install – From Store only

You can download the app in the official Samsung Apps Store (Video category) in your country.

If there is no app in your country, try signing up in any other country’s Smart TV Services and download the app from there by using the following guides, there is no need to activate the app again:

You have 7 days to try out the application with your stream sources.

Important! The application works only on TVs starting from E series. It doesn’t work on C or D series TVs.

Foreword: The application itself does not include any channels, it is only an IPTV/OTT streams player.

Loading your own playlist

By default, there is already a test playlist for you to check how the App works. After that, you can load your own IPTV playlist by following these instructions.

Remote Control commands

  • P+/P- and Arrows – switch pages, groups, channels and videos
  • UP, UPx2 – show current programme information
  • DOWN – show channel history
  • SELECT (OK), CH LIST – load channel list in play mode
  • INFO, INFOx2 – show current programme information
  • Number Keys – channel number selection; “0”, PR CH – channel history
  • RETURN – hide channel list and info bar; Go back to primary list
  • EXIT – exit the application
  • P.SIZE, TOOLS, EXTRA – change stream/video aspect ratio
  • PLAY/PAUSE/STOP – play/pause/stop stream/video (exit video player)
  • PLAY (long press) – permanent info bar enable/disable
  • PLAY_PAUSE – play/pause stream/video; show Groups in channel menu
  • TTX/MIX – enable/disable 3D mode (Side-by-Side)
  • AD/SUBT – change subtitle track in stream/video (if available)
  • REC – toggle DVB input on/off
  • RED – settings in primary list; select audio/HLS track in stream/video
  • GREEN, GUIDE – EPG information; choose video play mode
  • YELLOW – show all channels; digital clock or aspect ratio in play mode (option in settings)
  • BLUE – show Groups; settings in play mode





  • Price – Free
  • Install – Ether from Store or Manual download

Simple Smart IPTV is one of the most popular Smart TV applications in CIS, South America and Europe. SS IPTV has become the first app of LG Smart World, which provided the opportunity of IPTV viewing for its users. This app was highly rated by a jury of LG Smart TV Apps Contest 2012 and got the prize in the main nomination – The Best App.

SS IPTV today is a dynamically evolving application, the centre of entertainments inside your Smart TV. IPTV of hundreds of content operators, broadcast channels, videos from social networks, cloud services and video hostings – all of these are available for our users through the only one app’s features!



Smart IPTV applications does not include any channels and no information will be provided about where you can get channels or channel packages from the smart iptv website. Also, application developers are not responsible for the content uploaded to Smart IPTV.



Recommended Smart IPTVs to purchase

So you decided to purchase a smart IPTV, by now you realize that purchasing one of these beautiful devices, you will need to purchase the right one for KODI and other Media application to be installed plus all the smart tv requirements. Then I recommend you click the SmartTV link


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