Live Important Annoucment on AIR for KODI APK IPTV Adult and even How to build a pc


Live with updates with KODI APK IPTV Adult and even How to build a pc.

The recently Live Show was to update the users regarding how the website and the forum are doing. and what it is taken place on the world of streaming.

But it took a turn when users started asking about how to build a pc? and several other questions about where to get KODI addons.

The Live show was put in youtube VLOG channel

Youtube Video

Here is the video of the Live Video


The discussion

Mostly discussion was about

IPTV Contents and IPTV companies by countries

KODI Addon

KODI Builds

Adult Section ( KODI and APK  )

The new Forum

Best SmartPhone

And there was a discussion that expanded on how to build a pc and why you need anti-static

Also, there was mention about TeaTV how it was announced in CNBC

Continued to mention the news section that can cover the latest news


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