Make Your First Step Towards Attaining MCSA: Web Applications Certification by Passing Microsoft 70-483 Exam

Make Your First Step Towards Attaining MCSA: Web Applications Certification by Passing Microsoft 70-483 Exam

Make Your First Step Towards Attaining MCSA: Web Applications Certification by Passing Microsoft 70-483 Exam

Is attaining a Microsoft certification worth it? Are there new job opportunities for C# Developers? Are IT certifications even worth it anyway? Perhaps these and other questions have raced through your mind on multiple occasions in recent years. You’re certainly not alone.

In today’s fast-paced world, knowing which IT certifications to pursue can be baffling. Leave alone understanding the benefits of these credentials.

With all your pain points in mind, we have compiled a detailed post on the Microsoft 70-483 exam. This is an exam you need to pass to become a C# developer. Without much ado, let’s delve into this Microsoft exam and the related certification and Lead2Pass Tutorials.

What is Microsoft 70-483 Exam?

The Microsoft 70-483 exam qualifies you for the MCSA: Web Applications credential. Still, it’s not the only test you need to take. This exam costs $165 and requires the knowledge of Visual Studio 2017 technology. It is presently offered in English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) languages.

What Skills Are Measured?

Exam 70-483 tests your knowledge and skills in 4 key domains related to the aforementioned MCSA: Web Applications certification. These include your ability to Manage Program Flow (25-30%), Create and Use Types (25-30%), Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%), and Implement Data Access (25-30%).

Who Should Take Exam 70-483?

The Microsoft 70-483 test befits developers who possess a minimum of one-year experience in programming essential business logic. This knowledge should relate to a wide range of application types, software and hardware platforms using C#.

Having looked at the exam details and the ideal audience, here’s what you need to know about the credential to which 70-483 exam leads.

What Exactly is the MCSA: Web Applications Certification?

The MCSA: Web Applications certification clears your path to serve as a web developer or a web administrator. This certification uses the knowledge of a wide range of technologies including C#, Visual Studio, Framework 4.5, and Mobile Apps.

To earn this certification, you need to pass 2 exams. So, the first step implies taking either 70-480 or 70-483 exam, the next step leads to sitting for 70-486 test.

What are the Benefits of the MCSA: Web Application Certification?

The MCSA: Web Applications credential adds value to your resume and brings plentiful benefits than you could imagine.

To begin with, this certification is essential for any IT professional willing to build and advance their career through programming. According to, the average salary for a C# Developer is $24.50 per hour. This accounts for an average salary of $67 491 per year.

Besides, Microsoft certifications are globally accepted and earning the MCSA: Web Applications credential puts you ahead of the pack. If you are looking for a remarkable credential that will set you apart from your peers and ensure optimum career growth, then the MCSA: Web Applications certification it what you need.

How Should You Study for your Exam 70-483?

So, if you choose to pass 70-483 test, the first step towards registering a passing score in your exam is effective preparation. Microsoft official website has plenty of resources and study materials for exam success.

All candidates preparing for the Programming in C# exam should consider enrolling for Microsoft’s instructor-led training platform that offers a useful course for exam preparation. This is 20483B: Programming in C# course that is designed by certification experts to guarantee a successful result at your first attempt.

Aside from the all-important instructor-led training, Microsoft also offers self-paced training with effective training courses to fit your schedule.

The last option worth keeping an eye on is the official practice test for the Microsoft exam 70-483 that is key to boosting confidence in readiness for the actual test.

Which Websites Can You Use for Your Microsoft 70-483 Exam Preparation?

The role of trusted IT websites in your certification journey cannot be underrated. When it comes to certification exam preparation, it’s fair to say that the kind of resources you use for has a direct impact on your final score.

To this extent, seeking expert help from reliable IT training websites would be a wise choice. If you are preparing for your 70-483 exam, then you should consider visiting reliable websites to bring your certification journey to life.

Start from checking YouTube website and finding videos for exam 70-483 to improve your chances of success in the test. Then search for the other websites that provide valid prep materials for the Microsoft 70-483 test. One of the most reliable websites that have plenty of resources for exam success is PrepAway.

How Can PrepAway Help with Exam Preparation?

PrepAway website has virtually everything you may need to pass your 70-483 exam with ease. Check out this website to find real and updated exam dumps for easy passing your certification exam. It’s important to note that the exam dumps should be used as a way to supplement your learning and focusing on them alone may not guarantee excellence in the test.

Aside from the dumps, PrepAway also provides 70-483 Premium Bundle with as many as 283 questions and answers and another 740-page study guide. Moreover, the bundle includes a training course, to enhance your preparation process. The best part is, this material goes for only $39.98. The idea is to help you certify with a smile on your face.

The Bottom Line

Are you willing to build a career in the programming domain of the IT industry? If so then enrolling for the MCSA: Web Applications certification and taking 70-483 exam makes absolute sense. Hopefully, the highlighted tips will help you certify confidently by passing the required exam easily. Always remember that PrepAway has everything you may need to pass your exam at the first attempt.

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