Strong 12 Devices with one VPN connection

Strong 12 VPN connections same time

Strong 12 Devices with one VPN connection

Husham MmearStrong Protection comes in all sort of way in our daily routine. Anti Virus Anti Popup and many other attractive things that show up on your everyday device is something of a norm these days.

As you know by now the need for a VPN is vital to today modern age. To protect your self and to make sure you hide your identity in your laptop, phone, android device, firestick, and tv and any other device you have the need to protect in your household.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN funnels your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel, making your activity private and your access to websites unrestricted. By connecting you to one of our secure, remote servers, our VPN software masks your true IP address and physical location. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, VPNs are simple and safe to use. Take a closer look at how they work

VPN is a virtual private network, which basically is a method for you to connect to another network, mainly used to change your location on the web so it will look like you are in a different area or different country or even plant ( if the VPN server is in MARS lol ). But failing you getting a VPN server in another Astro Plain or a different planet, we usually select a local VPN server in your town as it will be the fastest option or you some times chose a server in another country like the USA so you can fool the Netflix server that you are in America so you can get the American USA Netflix.strong vpn 12 user devices android windows pc router

Usually having a family in your home we usually have at least Dad, Mom and two to three kids, so the average household would want at least 5 VPNs connected all the time. Some VPN companies give you 5 user connections at the same time such as IPVanish, and honestly, I have been using them for a very long time and some only give you one or two connections the same times, this to allow you to connect one device and to hope users put the other one on the router.

Practical choices are to setup VPN on the router are the wise decision, but let's be serious the router setup is too hard to set up and will require a special router that allows VPN installed on it. Most internet providers will not give you a router for your internet service to remove their monitoring, that's why when you want to set up a router VPN you will require to buy your own router and must be compatible to your internet companies requirement. This means that the option for Router VPN is not simple and not the choice most users chose.

Also having a VPN on the router will not save your smartphone or other smart devices that are on the move when you move our of the router WIFI.

In today world we have as many devices connected to the web as we have world leaders. Ok, that might be a bit too many devices but honestly, I am not that far off.

Android BOX, Apple TV BOX, TV in the living room, TV in the kitchen, Smartphone for Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter and other daughter and son, IPAD or IPADs, 5 Smartphones at least for every house key holder ( AM I TOO FAR OFF ).

Ok, it seems we need 50 connections the same time. OH MY!!!!!!

There is not a VPN company that will give you 50 same time or even more than 5 with the exception of STRONG.

Strong VPN is a paid full private and very secure and fast internet service VPN that works not only in the UK but also works worldwide. YES WORLDWIDE. include PERSIA or Iran. YEPIIIEEEE.

Strong VPN is actually not that expensive service and allows 12 connections the same time is truly amazing. Working in area like UAE and Iran is a bonus for people local to these areas or people that want to travel to these areas which don't allow Viber or Whatsapp without the use of VPN.

The speed with Strong VPN has been amazing as well, as I use Strong VPN for my Netflix from the UK to America to watch USA Contents with no issues.

The Best VPN for Online SecurityStong VPN best VPN Android Windows PC Laptop Firestick

Your private data should never be at risk. Enjoy peace of mind about your privacy with StrongVPN, the best online security tool.

StrongVPN shields your online activity from cybercrime and other third-party threats by using high-grade encryption. As soon as you’re using the VPN software, you can browse the web with full confidence in the safety of your:

  • Banking and financial information
  • Social Security number
  • Medical records
  • Email and text message data

Bypass Censorship with StrongVPNStong VPN best VPN Android Windows PC Laptop Firestick

Never limit your online browsing again. StrongVPN lets you access content without restrictions from around the world, all with just the click of your mouse. Connect to Strong secure network of servers, located in over 20 countries.

  •  Browse global apps and websites
  •  Bypass local internet censorship on any platform
  •  Stay private and anonymous

By simply changing your IP address, you’ll gain the ability to bypass local censorship and access thousands of websites despite your physical location with StrongVPN. offering over 680 servers to connect to all over the world. Once you’re connected, you’ll experience virtually unlimited options for browsing worldwide content anonymously at the fastest connection speeds.

The Best Wi-Fi VPNStong VPN best VPN Android Windows PC Laptop Firestick

Using public Wi-Fi can be risky. With StrongVPN, it doesn’t have to be.

Enjoy security on the go with the powerful encryption of StrongVPN. Connect to Strong private network in just a few easy steps and start protecting yourself from the dangers of cybercrime at hotspots.

  • Use any public Wi-Fi securely
  • Protect your private data
  • Secure your mobile devices

Hide Your IP Address with the Best VPNStong VPN best VPN Android Windows PC Laptop Firestick

When you’re concealed online, you’re free to do more. Let StrongVPN hide your IP address so you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited browsing anywhere.

  • Access restricted websites
  • Conceal your activity
  • Bypass geo-restrictions
  • Hide from third-party spying

Pay for a VPN You Can Trust

Your online privacy is our priority when you browse with StrongVPN. We’ll never track, store, or sell your data behind your back.

Encrypt your data
Stay private anywhereStong VPN best VPN Android Windows PC Laptop Firestick
Keep your activity anonymous


Zero-Logging for True Online Privacy

StrongVPN is one of the few VPNs in the industry that can promise zero-logging.

Because Strong own servers, they have the ability to control who and what can access your data. This means that Stong never put your private information or activity in the hands of any third parties.

We’re not interested in selling your data to the highest bidder. We just want to help you stay secure.

As stated in strong Privacy Policy, the only information Strong VPN collect from you is data such as your name, billing information, and email address. Your browsing activity is private and only visible to you.

The information collected from you is used to create new accounts, collect payments, identify and communicate.

Get More information by clicking here

Enjoy Strong VPN

Written by Husham Memar

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