Married Torrent Tracker Couple Settles With BREIN

Married Torrent Tracker Couple Settles With BREIN

Performing on behalf of a variety of copyright holders, anti-piracy group BREIN has shut down the personal torrent tracker Snuffelland. The team tracked down the site's operators, a center-aged married pair and a 60-year-aged uploader. All agreed to a pay back a modest settlement.

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has targeted operators and uploaders of pirate web pages for far more than a 10 years.

The group’s principal aim is to shut the internet sites down. In its place of getting embroiled in dozens of lengthy court docket battles, it prefers to settle the subject with those dependable.

This 7 days, BREIN declared one more victory in opposition to a tiny torrent web page, Snuffelland. The personal tracker was targeted at a Dutch audience and the anti-piracy group managed to keep track of down its operators.

In accordance to BREIN, the web-site was run by a married pair from the city of Montfort, a 65-yr-aged person and a 51-calendar year-previous lady. In addition, the group also discovered 1 of the uploaders, a 60-yr-old guy from Heukelum.

All three are unemployed and their monetary posture was taken into account in analyzing the scale of the settlement. The couple agreed to pay out 2,500 euros and the uploader settled for 650 euros, with a risk of even more penalties if they are caught once more.

The non-public tracker by itself was shut down and replaced by a message that was presented by BREIN.

“Making copyright-protected is effective readily available infringes the copyrights of the entitled rightsholder. Downloading from unauthorized resources is also prohibited in the Netherlands,” the information reads.

“For providers of lawful articles, refers you to and,” it provides.

These form of shutdowns are nothing new. BREIN has taken down hundreds of lesser sites in the previous. However, only in latest several years has the group has began to publish these settlement specifics.

That serves as a deterrent but also gives some far more perception into how the team prefers to address these situations, which seems to be relatively softly. In this scenario, it also disproves the notion that torrent websites are operate by children.

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