Mobdro APK 2.1.68 IPTV Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield Windows MAC

Mobdro APK IPTV Live TV App

Mobdro APK 2.1.68 IPTV Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield Windows MAC

Mobdro APK Probably one of the longest-running IPTV and VOD APK for Android SMART Phones, with the latest version you can even install it on your Android box or KODI Box and yes that even includes the Amazon Firestick and Nvidia Shield.

Mobdro APK updated. The new version has got a fantastic listing and more. They added new features such as Dark Theme and DNS over HTTPS plus the normal minor fixes.

Mobro IPTV APK continues to be one of the Android favourite application as it expands to make sure that it is working for NVIDIA Shield and FIrestick.

MOBDRO IPTV APK Free Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield Windows MAC


Mobdro doesn't have content of its own. Instead, it aggregates free video content from around the web. That content generally seems to fall into two categories: content from free sources like nature webcams and YouTube, and content that makes you wonder how it's free.

Mobdro Buffering?

As Mobdro APK is one of the oldest IPTV APK it will be very much noticed by your Internet Service Provider and buffering In Mobdro is so common that you will be required to use a VPN to hide your connection to Mobdro services,

IPTV Channel listing in APK

The channel list varies from time to time, they seem to add more and remove others from time to time. I guess that the price of Free LIVE TV. You can never be sure if the channels will stay up

Mobdro APK IPTV Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield Windows MAC Mobdro Free Android Firestick NVIDIA Shield Windows MAC Mobdro APK Mobdro APK Mobdro APK


Download linksFirestick Downloader

You can click here to download or

You can use the link below with your first stick with a program called downloader

Mobdro APK for Android

For Android mobile users, the latest updated Mobdro application is available you can easily install the app by following a few simple steps.

Mobdro Application for Windows

Users who are using Android applications on their personal computer can use Mobdro in their Laptop or desktop device. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to use Mobdri for Windows operating system.

Mobdro App for Kodi

Downloading the Mobdro application on Kodi is a little bit a complicated process even though we have provided the simple and easiest process with the necessary step to download and install the application for the users who use Kodi devices.

Mobdro app for Chrome cast

Mobdro also provides chromecast feature, which means you can easily cast your live stream through your mobile to your Smar TV with the help of Chromecast feature.

Mobdro Application for IOS

Users who are using iPhone, Mobdro application are not provided but still, the alternative application is given for the users who use IOS devices.

Although Mobdro is not available for iOS operating system. However, you can still use another alternative of Mobdro for iOS

What are the Features of Mobdro APK?

Regular Update

Mobdro provides frequent updates that mean you will always use Mobdro without any issues. If any problem persists, the developer immediately provides an update.

Easy navigation

Applications are very easy and user-friendly for searching the relevant content. Users can simply identify and categorize the search engine for searching the relevant content this becomes very easier for the server for locating the exact file needed for the customer. The Mobdro navigation process is a very quick and easy process.

Mobdro has a very clean user interface. The app categorizes the live stream such as Countries, Genre, etc. There is a search box inside the application which helps to locate any Live TV channel you want to watch.

Listing of channels

Mobdro has almost every Live TV channel in the world. It has TV channels from major countries in almost every language and genre.

Audio quality and visuals

Mobdro application offers spectacle arrange of the visual display which is one of the greatest features that is available when compared with other application available in the market. The resolution ranges also very high users can enjoy 1080 pixel HD visual which is one of the best quality and the output is very excellent in this application.

The app provides channels in HD Video and Audio quality. Apart from the quality of Video and Audio, Mobdro also provides blazing-fast streaming sources.

The option of downloading media content

In this Mobdro application, you can easily download media content for free. Users can enjoy after downloading the media content and they can use it without an internet connection.

Chrome cast device support

Since it provides a Chromecast feature, which means you can easily cast your live channel in your Television using the cast feature.

How to Download Mobdro APK on Android?

Downloading on Android smartphones or other devices is easy just click on the below Download button and downloading starts automatically.

Mobdro Apk download latest version below:

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How to Install Mobdro APK 2.1.68 application on Android?

Mobdro application is one of the popular and attractive APK with its compatibility services and features. Mobdro application stands the first place in the live TV section and this app updates regularly and easy to use which will be very useful to access for the users and they can easily access downloading from the official website. Steps for accessing the application in Android devices

  • Initially, you have to begin with the configuration of Android device settings.
  • After then just access the panel to enter the settings in the application.
  • In that, you can notice unknown sources option just click on it to activate.
  • This process will help you to allow the user for installing all the APK files specifically for Android applications in the form of a direct way.

Android Settings

  • Now the devices are ready for accepting the installation process.
  • Just use this link which is given to receive the Mobdro Apk file that helps to download in your device.
  • As soon as when you see APK file download has been completed just tap to on APK file for installing.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds to install.
  • After just installation, the device starts scanning of APK file, wait for a few seconds.
  • Finally, this application will help your Android devices to access and complete the process in an easier way. Click on the Open button to launch the app.

These are some of the few basic steps followed for downloading and accessing the Mobdro application. Similarly, Mobdro APK can be downloaded for Mobdro Chrome cast and Kodi support it is also possible for the users who are accessing those devices.

25. Now launch the app first you get a notification to access, allow it.

How to Install Mobdro on Android Smart TV?

As we said earlier Mobdro can install on smart televisions, for non-android you need external devices such as Firestick, Android TV Box etc, but for Android TV you don’t need any external devices just follow below steps to install it.

  • Download & Install Puffin Browser on your television from the App store.
  • Launch the Puffin browser and enter this URL on the search bar.
  • Now return to the main menu and go to the app section you can see APK file is downloading.
  • After complete download, click on it.
  • Install the app and launch it.


Mobdro application is one of the excellent apps for watching media content in the device. It is very user-friendly and it has the feature of supporting any type of device. In this application, the visual and audio quality is very excellent when compared with other applications available in the market.

Mobdro APK Free
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  • Accessibility - 9/10
  • Usability - 7.5/10
  • HD Quality streaming - 6.5/10
  • Application support - 7/10


Mobdro APK Probably one of the longest-running IPTV and VOD APK for Android SMART Phones, with the latest version you can even install it on your Android box or KODI Box and yes that even includes the Amazon Firestick and Nvidia Shield.

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  • Many Premium IPTV for FREE
  • Premium IPTV Links
  • Always updated


  • Contain ads
  • Not all Premium IPTV Links
  • Some links needs clicking twice

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