Playersklub IPTV New Registeration Page

Playersklub IPTV New Registeration Page

Playersklub IPTV New Registration Page

Playersklub has now rebranded to a new name, In other words, the name Playersklub is no longer available and now been split to provide support and service, however, the service is running and providing support via discord and via new links.

Signup Page

To Signup top the new Playersklub Click HereClick Here to download

Keep this page bookmarked as it will be updated with more information

Is Playersklub IPTV still running?

Yes, but the name players club is no longer in operation. The service rebranded their service name

Playersklub File Link

The new filelinked to download updated APK

What is the Playersklub New Discord Link?

Users want the new discord link will need to ask for it from the forum

  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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  1. don’t know how to get software for the new playersklub now Master x
    still paying 5 dollar month but cannot get software at google store i have Leia 18.6
    kodi been to g master cannot get download

    • First there was the Players Klub, following their divorce, GameMaster X became the new name and all our TPK credentials transferred okay to the new reinteration; now as of this typing GameMaster X has ceased to exist and I’m not aware our credentials exist despite receiving emails to renew our subscriptions. The server no longer is there to do so. I saw in my search today there’s “The Players Klub IPTV” now at $9.90 per month. What I don’t know is, is it real, do they really exist. I read one set of folks created GameMaster X and the other, I assume is this. Difficult to trust or how reliable any of this information is and isn’t. I searched for TopDog VPN and was routed here. Looking at KemoIPTV up in Canada, too. Will post more when I know more!

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