Playersklub IPTV Rebranded News November 2019

PlayersKlub IPTV Rebrand Shutdown

Playersklub IPTV Rebranded News November 2019

Playersklub is probably one of the most talked-about in the IPTV world. The company started off with giving away free IPTV for close to a year at the start of the company start-up. The IPTV company has followed up with an amazing 5$ a month to continue given community service, and despite the Playersklub was at a low end at the time, the service was regarded to be one of the best or just simply the BEST IPTV Company that provided Live TV for streaming devices such as Firestick, Android, KODI, MAG, Smart TV and much more.

Playersklub shutdown

The Playersklub is no more as it has shut down or more precise changed their name/brand due to big issues that are taken place Read more below.

Playersklub Rebrand

Playersklub has now rebranded its IPTV service due to a hostile take over. Pleayersklub confirmed that they are not closing but just changing their name. Which makes more of a sense since most of their service is still running in the backend.

The IPTV Company new rebrand will offer one, two or even three Months Free IPTV as a thank you to all their users.

Playersklub IPTV Rebrand

Playersklub is now Game Master

A message has been sent to all the users that Playersklub is now Game Master

Good evening @everyone we need your help, as you know we have changed our name to Game Master to prevent us from going down and trying to cut ties with our old name but this facebook group is stopping us from doing that, so we ask you to report this page for Unauthorized Saleand please ask that you dont share anything publicly about our rebranded service. If you need to pass the word on please do it in private messages 😀 Happy Streaming. Please report!

Hello @everyone im sure you have all seen this and not to worry this is a fake post, yes that guy used to work for us but he wasnt putting the work in so we had to let him go this is why he is angry and targeting is on social media to try and scare you all. He might bring out a new service with the same name but it will never get close to what you're used to. Here is his fake facebook accounts if you wish to report them for being a fake. Happy Streaming, Gamers

More information will be posted in the forum for all the rebranded IPTV services Click Here

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