Relax TV APK 2 Milliong IPTV Channels in One APK plus Movies Links included

Relax TV APK 2 Milliong IPTV Channels in One APK plus Movies Links included

Its here, Its now, and its avaliable to download from this page. Be Pateiant and try to Relax with Relax TV APK IPTV Links from all over the web for FREEEEEEEE.

The APK is a collection of very carefuelly selected web sites that has links from all over the web.


Relax TV APK is suitable for All Android Devices that support APK, However you will find it hard to navigate with an APK Emulator as there is far too much contents.

Video Guide

Check out the demo Of Relax TV APK Video ebwlo

Devices suitable

Relax TV will function on many different devices that supoport APK, below I have listed a few of them that will work.


You will need to make sure the folowing application installed before hand

installing these apps will make sure you will have good streams with the full liste of Relax TV APK.


There will be adds with this apps but the developer will make it clear that removing the ads is not to the benefit of developeing the ads further or to make it even comfortable to users getting updates on the APK.




Download links  are avaliable in a rotating link from this website.

Click here or use this link to download the apk


  1. Hi first of all thanks for your continuous updates, you do a great job.

    I’ve downloaded the relax tv APK however when I come to instal I get the parse error. Both the allow apps from 3rd parties and USB debugging are ticked. Any idea what’s wrong? Thanks

    • ok mr guy..
      i think you are making it a big deal.. did you try to ignore that message and get back to the app
      because others have worked for 🙂
      enjoy the program buddy

  2. Hey Husham,
    Everything is working fine on phone, but on Mi Box S (Android TV 8.1) ads don’t show up and I get error saying something like “you have to click on ad”. No ad blocker installed. Any idea how to get these ads to show?

  3. hey guys we seem to seeing an issue on 3 different fire sticks. Everything seemed to work the way everyone here has said, we get the errors and hit the back button and I get the 60 second add on two of the sticks, not the one yet. but after a while a lot of the channels when you click on them a little thing pops up saying to “click the advertisment :(” and then the add pops up, but whatever we try it wont let us click this add..i can scroll up and down in the add if it has different things, i just cant select anything..and then if you hit the back button it goes back to the menu…has anyone else been experiencing this?

  4. I have a little problema, how to download the cast addon, because I can not see the channels in my tv, thank you very much, excellent app

  5. hi sir
    it is perfect.
    use to work .
    but it is not working any more.
    is there new version for it please.
    can u share with me please

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