BEST APK Releax TV IPTV – 2 Million LIVE TV Channels

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  1. You spelled relax incorrectly in your video description. Also this developer is the same one who created Ola TV. Now Ola TV no longer works. This new app relax is kind of garbage honestly because you have to install all the media players. I get it that there has to be money to be made from somewhere but those ads that are 1 minute long are annoying.

  2. Hey folks/Husham, is this to replace Ola TV?
    Also, does anyone know the hosts this new app uses for ads, as I want to whitelist them on my AdAway app.


    • ola tv had to stop and move on to assist development with relax but relax is not made by OLA TV, the developer name for relax is showing in the APP.
      the OLA TV had to stop is thanks to all the people that was attacking OLA TV and making fun of OLA TV and now everyone else suffered because of it.

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