Soloman Scammer




All of you have seen my website is down constantly, This is because of DDOS attack. Soloman the youtuber has initiated an attack on everyone in order to preserve his dignity and his views when he releases videos that KODI ADDON GOING PAID.


Not only is this ClickBAIT, This is quite a scare tactic that needed answering too..

So I answered in a video to the public in general in the link below, to be honest I didnt know it was soloman doing it at the start and I told him I dont know, he did want the views to go somewhere else and he will not go back on what he said,

But Soloman did tell me, point everyone to his youtube channel.


Original reason why soloman attacked me is in this article below


Skype message from soloman others known as Onill Mancebo


soloman jerk


This skype message proved to me that it was him that thrown the rumors around and how he makes rumors to benefit from everyone..

Once again. I left him alone.. And this was my mistake, I should have taken action and told you guys then but I kept quite, to respect a fellow youtuber.


He did not. He released a video saying Husham is a faker and I dont know anything.

This really boiled me, infact this has now gone FAR Enough. I have known soloman for years and during that time I known and word on allot of projects for him and not taken a single credit.



Amazon affiliate

IPVanish Affiliate

And more.

This me so angry that I wanted to respond to Soloman the scammer of the KODI Community.

Because I am unwanted in the community with some developers probably also because of him, I had to connect the dots. I have not only playing old bling person in all this. I have to relax and get him right.


And this is my response to both soloman and touchtone.

“Say my name
say my name

when no one is around you
SAY HUSHAM I love you,

SOLOSCAM is about, Dialtone sucks his dick”



Check out my video of responding to his lies when He said I dont know anything. It shows how I terminated his website for good.



Allot of users believe Soloman is a saver. Truth to be told. HE IS A DIRT BAG

I dont go picking a fight with someone that knows my password, to my website. I dont go hating the one man that stood by me all the time. Soloman took it too far.


In more connecting the dot. It was brought to my attention that the magazine that he made allot of people that he hired they never paid them. well at least not real money. They rather pay them with other things, you know the usual things that they review and they reject it and give them away.


The magazine that was started, Well it also took a different shape as people paid for a while year apparently and they got only two months .. WHERE IS THE MAGAZINE .. the question is been given to me to ask soloman for months and I really didnt think it was true until now.


Allot of developers in 2013 was talking and we were having so much fun talking to each other. All of developers left the scene because of the way Soloman treat them over the years because he is flat right insulting people intelligent.

He believes that everyone is sheep, and maybe he is right.. YOU ARE SHEEP TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN EAT THE SHIT HE GIVES YOU.


I am Husham Memar

The best youtuber for KODI Community period.

Thank you for reading

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