TeaTV Down News UPDATE

TeaTV is one of the few APKs that offer movies and TV Shows to watch from the web plus an IPTV links for watching live television contents right to your Android Smart Phone or Android Devices including Android Emulators.

TeaTV was recently reported as down by many websites including Hifi and MariMar website. Which reported TEATV is down due to a problem on the movie database

[NOTIFICATION] Due to a problem with TheMovieDB server, TeaTV will be off for some hours. We will be back soon. So sr for the inconvenience

This message was basically saying that the Movie database has had an issue.

Back online?

After much work, the Movie Database sent out its own message which reported the issue and seems to indicate the problem resolved from their side

teatv movie database


The message is clear that the Movie Database is now back online and working.

TeaTV still seems to have many users claiming that it doesn’t work.


After the message from the movie Database, I decided to try TeaTV and the first instance nothing working. So I uninstalled and installed again and seems all ok.

So perhaps, after the Movie Database was fixed all we need to do, is Uninstall TEATV and install again and link up what Realdebrid or anything else you need in order to fix it

This seems to work fine for me, and I hope it works for everyone else. So uninstall TEA TV and install it again from this here.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if this worked ok for you


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