TeaTV offline! is this the END?

TeaTV Offline Shutdown

TeaTV offline! is this the END?

TeaTV website has gone offline and it is currently unclear as to what is the reason for the offline status. Could TeaTV also Shutdown? Does this mean the END

I have tried to bring it back online with a VPN, maybe my ISP is blocking it, but was not able to access it either.

TeaTV website offline

TeaTV APK latest version of 9.9.6 still seems to be running ok. But it is running based on the fact that TEA TV does not store anything on the APK and just gets things from the web streamed better to your device. Hence the fact that TeaTV APK is still running for now.

It is still early to see if the TeaTV has officially shutdown or is this a glitch.

If you have an update you want to share. Feel free to put it in this Forum link

TeaTV APK latest version is avaliable to download from his link www.husham.com/watch-iptv-1080-4k-movies-tv-shows-with-teatv-apk-9-9-6-firestick-android-pc-2/

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