TeaTV 10.1.6r APK Free Movies TV Shows

TeaTV - Free 1080p Movies and TV Shows for Android, Windows & macOS Devices

Tea TV APK Movies TV Shows Android Firestick

TeaTV 10.1.6r APK Free Movies TV Shows

TeaTV allows you to stream movies and TV Shows from the web, also allows you LIVE TV or IPTV Streaming in android devices, The APK works for Android Firestick Windows & MAC. CNBC released recently that TeaTV is one of the APPS that users use to use to replace Netflix and HBO.

A service called TeaTV lets people watch seemingly pirated content from HBO or Netflix for free with ads.

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Recently the application developer decided to close down the project (or that’s what many thought), TeaTV officially updated recently with the latest version of 10.1.6r. This actually surprised many users but also made many happy with this.

Like most on-demand apps, you will find a considerable number of movie and TV show titles here. I am also quite happy with its scrapers that get you best links from around the web. Playback speed is not as fast as I have seen in Cinema APK and Titanium TV, but the video quality is completely acceptable. TeaTV usually pulls 720p and SD links, but sometimes you get 1080 too. Again, with Real-Debrid, you can expect higher quality streams.

The best part of this Application that it allows you to watch 4k Contents with such as latest Films with excellent quality. The application seems to work also in Windows and MAC.

TeaTV APK another update to the CNBC Favourite App to replace Netflix and HBO with Free Movies TV Shows


TeaTV APK is an application that provides you access to stream

  • Free 1080p Movies
  • Free TV Shows plus
  • 4K Movies Stream
  • 4k TV Shows Stream
  • IPTV or Live TV for USA/UK and general contents
  • XXX Adult Channels

The APK works for Android, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Windows & macOS Devices using APK emulators or you can download the windows or mac version directly, look at the download section in this article.

Tea TV always been there before Terrarium APK and users most likely always downloaded Terrarium APK instead due to the amount of publicity and the overwhelming features that Terrarium APK provided, and with Terrarium APK now Shutdown officially and no more updates. Terrarium APK Users are been forced to download a hacked version of Terrarium APK in order to continue with watching Free 1080 Links.

Mean Time Tea TV Development never stopped but only improved, I assume now that the pressure is on the TEA TV developer to take the work to the next level.

Perhaps trying to prove that Tea TV will always support the community without fail.

This by itself is appreciated without a doubt.

Tea TV works not only like Terrarium APK, but it is also a lot more than that. Tea TV works for Windows, Android, KODI BOX, Android TV BOX, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield and MAC OS

TeaTV APK another update to the CNBC Favourite App to replace Netflix and HBO with Free Movies TV Shows

With Support for

  • RealDebrid
  • Alluc
  • TrakT

Tea TV brings you the best streams and best of Streaming entertainment to all your Media BOX’s

How to Install TeaTV APK on Firestick TV

Tea TV also works well with Firestick devices, but it also requires an additional feature to make it seamless to navigate. I have noticed that you need to enable the “Mouse Toggle” on your Fire TV or Firestick devices to be able to use many other TeaTV functions.

Since you are going to download and install TeaTV from a third-party source, you need to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” on your Firestick TV. This is required because the Firestick device does not allow direct download and installation from browsers as Android smartphones do. So, this means you will install TeaTV using a special app “Downloader”, it is also known as sideloading.


  • Firstly, click Settings from the menu bar located on the top of your Firestick home-screen
  • Click the “My Fire TV” or “Device” options

Click My Fire TV option

  • Select “Developer Options” and another option will come up

Select Developers Option

  • Click the “Apps from Unknown Sources” toggle it ON/OFF

Apps from Unknown Sources option

  • Once clicked, a warning message will come up letting you know the dangers of installing third-party apps on your device. Click “Turn ON” to confirm your actions

Turn on the option

Since you will be using the “Downloader app” to install this app on your FireStick or Fire TV device, you have to make sure you have the app installed on your Firestick. If not, you can simply install it using the following steps I will illustrate below.

  • Go to Search by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the far left top corner of your Firestick home-screen
  • Using the on-screen keyboard, type Downloader in the search box and click on the Downloader app to install it
  • Once Downloader app is done installing, launch the app and Make sure “Home” is highlighted within the downloader
  • Click on the URL box on the right-hand side, type exactly this URL: www.husham.com/ttv10apk and click Go to download TeaTV for FireStick
  • The download will begin immediately. Once the download is completed, the Downloader app will start the installation process with a prompt which you have to confirm before it starts installing
  • Using your FireStick remote, navigate to the bottom right of your screen and click Next then click Install
  • After clicking the Install option, the app will start to installing and will take just a few seconds to finish.
  • Once the installation is complete, you’ll see two options Done and Open. I recommend you click Done instead of Open, this will enable you to delete the apk file from the downloader
  • Once you click Done, the Downloader app prompts you to Delete the apk file occupying space on your device
  • Click Delete, a confirmation will pop up to make sure you want to delete the apk
  • Click Delete again to confirm your action
  • Go back to your home screen by clicking and holding the home button on your Firestick remote
  • Click on apps when the popup menu comes up
  • Click Your Apps & Channels, scroll down and select TeaTV to launch the app and start enjoying your streams in HD for free

You can also move the TeaTV app to the top row of all your apps

  • Go to Your Apps & Channel option, highlight TeaTV, Press and hold the select button on your remote for some second, click Move from the popup options, move TeaTV to the top row and press the select button to drop it there.
  • Press and hold the home button, then go to Your Apps & Channels, and TeaTV will be among the first apps you see

Download Link

Download Tea TV for your Platforms using the links below

  1. Tea TV Android / SmartPhone – Click here
  2. Tea TV Firestick – Click Here or use this link in downloader https://www.husham.com/ttv10apk
  3. Tea TV Nvidia Shield  – Click Here

Click Here to download

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