USTV APK IPTV Free or One Payment for Life



USTV APK IPTV Free or One Payment for Life

USTV allows you to watch many free United State television channels on your Android smartphone/tablet.

USTV APK Features

  • Support popular USA television channels including CNN US, CNN International, BBC UK, BBC News…and many more channels being updated daily. We also support famous international channels.
  • Automatically update new channels.
  • Add user channel manually.
  • Manage favourite channels.
  • Sharing with Facebook friends.
  • Does not require Flash player.
  • Fine-tuned skin, much cooler and high-tech looking.
  • Fully hardware accelerated on android 4.1 and onward, this allows you to watch tv for hours before having to recharge.
  • Add a filter to enhance image quality.
  • Possibility to upgrade to Pro version with a promotion code.

ADS or Paid

You can use the APK 100% free with no issues but it will contain ADS, but you can get Premium Features to remove ADS and Allow recorcding for monthyl payment or one off lifetime payments.


USTV will mostly open connection to streaming server at TCP port 1935 (RTMP Protocol). If you are having problem connecting with your internet provider then the advise it get your self a VPN. IPVanish is the best one for streaming contents.


Channels collected from the internet so some channels may work, some may not work at all depend on your geographic location, Some you will need a VPN to get them working.

USTV APK Team working very hard to keep the channel list updated, however please don't expect a cable television level of stability and performance. Using USTV is FREE

However, it will consume a lot of data traffic and may be charged by your operator, consult your operator for pricing. If you see buffering too much, then this might caused by a slow internet connection, not the USTV itself. We recommend using USTV via WiFi or unlimited 4G data plan. Thank you!

DMCA Notice

US TV Free does not own or host any content. It simply aggregates links automatically (which are already indexed by Google) in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

USTV APK Download Link

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