Akoam APK Working May 2020 – Arabic English Hindi Movies TV Shows

اكوام akoam APK English Arabic Hindi Movies TV Shows اكوام افلام ايجي-افلام-بست

Akoam APK Working May 2020 – Arabic English Hindi Movies TV Shows


Akoam APK or اكوام APK is Brand new release 5th May 2020 of Akoam‎ APK currently available in the google play store, to stream movies and tv shows for Arabic, English and Hindi languages. ( Some Playstore Locations will not allow you to download or see the app ) so you will need to manually download .. check the link below

Akoam Latest release is working at the time of writing this article and was tested with Android Emulators for the Windows PC using Bluestack. I also tested it working with Android box and Android TV plus I tested it with my Amazon Firestick 4k. I would appreciate if other users would report back to tell me if it is also working for you with your device

About اكوام – Akoam

– Foreign films
– Arabic films
– Hindi films
Animation Movies
– Movies interpreter
– Egy Movies – Movies – Best
– Stacks of movies
Foreign Series
Arabic TV Series
– Turkish Series
Asian Series
– Dubbed series
– Translated serials
– Egy Series – Movies – Best
– Stacks of serials
– The latest movies and series on the piles
– Wrestling


Application features

Watch Arabic, Foreign, Indian and Animation movies without downloading
Huge collection of Arabic, foreign, Turkish and Asian series
Exclusive offers for wrestling shows and festivals

Streaming from the phone to the TV without dlna connections
Notifications of all new
Add movies to favourites to watch later
Attractive design and easy to use
The possibility of requesting an offer
Possibility to report a problem
Share movies with family and friends

اكوام APK – Movies – Egy-Movies – Best – Stacks Movies – Egy-Movies – Best Movies – Egy-Movies – Best Series

– افلام اجنبية
– افلام عربية
– افلام هندية
– افلام انميشن
– افلام مترجمة
– افلام ايجي-افلام- بست
– اكوام افلام
– مسلسلات اجنبية
– مسلسلات عربية
– مسلسلات تركية
– مسلسلات اسيوية
– مسلسلات مدبلجة
– مسلسلات مترجمه
– مسلسلات ايجي-افلام- بست
– اكوام مسلسلات
– احدث الافلام والمسلسلات على اكوام
– مصارعةمميزات التطبيق
مشاهدة الافلام العربية و الاجنبية و الهندية و الانميشن دون تحميل
مجموعة ضخمة من المسلسلات العربية و الاجنبيه و التركية ووالاسيوية
عروض حصرية لعروض المصارعة والمهرجاناتخاصية البث من الهاتف للتلفاز بدون توصيلات dlna
اشعارات بكل جديد
اضافة الافلام للمفضلة للمشاهدة بوقت لاحق
تصميم جذاب وسهل الاستخدام
امكانية طلب عرض
امكانية الابلاغ عن مشكله
مشاركة الافلام مع العائله و الاصدقاءاكوام – اكوام افلام- ايجي-افلام-بست – اكوام افلام- ايجي-افلام-بست افلام-ايجي-افلام- بست مسلسلات

How to download Akoam APK?

To download this APK you can use the download link URL – www.husham.com/akwam‎apk  below or click here

Click Here to download


Firestick Users

Firestick users and Firestick 4k, will need to install Mouse Toggle on the Amazon Firestick before be able to use the APK. Click this link www.husham.com/install-mouse-toggle-on-fire-stick-tv-cube/


  1. hello husham,

    thank you for your amazing work, can you update the akoam apk as now it stop working and giving message need to update to the new version but on firestick it wont work automatically.

  2. hello husham,

    once again they change the apk, now the message not update to the new version it ask you to download the new apk from the app store, can you check this once please.

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