Area 51 IPTV Get a Copyright strike folowed with a shutdown

area 51 iptv copyright strike

Area 51 IPTV Get a Copyright strike

Area 51 is the company that hosted a small solution to watch live tv for UK/ USA and several other countries which also included Sports plus a large amount of Adult Link. Area 51 has been running for over 7 years and during that time they managed to secure several thousands of users to subscribe to them.

Despite their long term time of been online, their payment system was always on and off and allowing only a few users to join the service. Area 51 Forum is located here for everyone to see the latest information and updates  from users ( )

Area 51 closed down Message

We have been forced to make this very difficult decision, and close Area 51. We had quite a run, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without customers like you.

area 51 IPTV more no more

Area 51 Copyright strike

The news is very uneven, but it seems that Area 51 received a cease and desist letters to the owner of Area 51 and to their Staff, the letters were sent to their homes. This followed by Area 51 signup to be closed permanently for new users and no more signup accepted. The service did not stop but users did not receive a good server for the last few days.

The rumours that the new Copyright strike came by a letter sent by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment otherwise known as ACE.

Area 51 Followup message

area 51 iptv new service

A follow-up message was recently sent to the users with more information and advising them of the New Area 51 Siete. And unlike the first message which mentions Outlimit IPTV as their replacement, this time it is singular Media as their new website for their new service.

User comments

Did area 51 iptv shut down?

Did area 51 iptv closed simple of the copyright strike?

Did area 51 iptv just moved on to another website? and which one is it for sure?

Feel free to comment your responses to area 51 or the new suppose to be serviced as a replacement for Area 51 in this section of the Forum ( )

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