Smart IPTV Cut the Cord with ACE TV Guide

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Cutting the Cord

Husham Mmear
Article by Husham Memar

In this article we will cover how you can Cut the CORD with ACE TV Smart IPTV APP. Users from all over the world want to watch TV with their Smart TVs devices such as SMART TV and Smart Phone, this includes iPhones and Samsung Phones.

But the biggest trick has been to watch using their TV.

Recently users had to rely on Android BOX or Apple TV Box to watch contents from the web.

Sadly most people were buying a SMART TV in their Homes and were under the impression that a TV with a video program like Youtube is just enough to Cut the cord.


Smart IPTVsmart iptv

Smart IPTV is a program is a media player program but allows you to stream contents from the web including Youtube contents if you want. Uses can order an IPTV account an IPTV Provider to watch live tv including the premium channels.

Free contents can also be obtained but you will need to search for it, Luckily got you covered, you can use the search for IPTV for free contents link if you like to get free iptv links.

Ace TV Prime


Today we will talk about cutting the cord with ACE TV. ACE TV Prime IPTV is an inexpensive service that provides over 4,000 live channels with most in 1080 and HD quality.  As of writing this article, ACE TV Prime IPTV costs only $10 per month and the signup page is working. The 2019 ACE TV Prime IPTV Service now contain Live TV, Movies and TV Shows

Ace TV has premium and Prime and you can choose either from the signup but ACE Prime is a new service and dissipates that ACE TV Primum is still working for many users and is very good.



Smart IPTV Cut the Cord with ACE TV IPTV Guide

Smart IPTV
Smart IPTV on your SMART TV or Firestick or NVIDIA Shield

After you signup to ACE TV you can use the ACE TV M3U or M3U Plus link ( Recommend M3u Plus )  to add it to SMART IPTV on your Smart TV or Firestick, which mean you basically cut the cord with ACE TV and SMART IPTV service.






Full Setup Guide for Smart IPTV

If you want a full setup guide for M3UI have made a video for you guys on a full setup for Smart IPTV

All the best guys with your Cutting the cord, you can use ACE TV or you can use any free one from the search as described in this article.

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